Antigua Visa Price Online

  • If you are looking to visit the beautiful island of Antigua, then there are a few important details that you need to know. Antigua is an idyllic vacation destination with gorgeous beaches and year-round sunshine. To enter the country, most visitors will need to apply for a visa beforehand, and some associated costs are involved.
  • Antigua visa fees vary depending on the type of Visa needed and the length of stay required. A single-entry tourist visa can cost anywhere from 25-40 USD, while a multiple-entry business visa can be as high as 120 USD. Note that these fees do not include processing or service charges which may also apply, so it's worth checking in advance how much your total fee will be before making any payments. All applications must be made at least two weeks before travel, so ensure you plan when applying for your Antiguan Visa!
  • Tourist Visa: For citizens of the United States, Canada, and European Union states, the fee for a single-entry Tourist Visa is $100 USD or its equivalent in other currencies. Those travelling as part of a group may get discounted rates - groups of five or more people pay only $75 USD per person. The multiple-entry Tourist Visa requires payment of $150 USD instead. All applications are processed within seven days after submission, though sometimes this period can be shorter if documents are submitted electronically.
  • Business Visa: Business travellers are drawn to this beautiful country for its relaxed business visa regulations and fees – which many find appealing when considering a business trip.
  • The cost of obtaining a work visa differs depending on how long you plan to stay in Antigua. It costs $300USD if you stay between 30 and 180 days which is considered a 'Regular Stay.' If you require more than 180 days, it will cost an additional fee of $200USD each time – up to five years - making it an affordable option if you need to stay longer than six months.
  • Family Visa: The visa fee for Antigua is set at $500 per adult and $150 per additional dependent over the age of 16. All applicants must submit an application form along with two passport-sized photographs, their current passport, and proof of identity, such as a marriage certificate or birth certificate if applicable. Additionally, applicants must provide evidence that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and any dependents during their stay in Antigua.