Australia Visa Documents

The documents required for the approval of your Australian visa may also differ based on the type of the visa that you are applying for. Different visas require different documents and different permissions. The documents required solely depend on the rules and regulations imposed by the government of that country.
You will require your passport at the time of applying for the Australian Visa. This is required as an ID proof for your identity.
You need to pay the VISA fees in advance before processing your visa application any further. You will also be required to submit your passport size photographs in order to confirm your identity with your Visa application form.
You also need to specify your undergoing medical treatments, if any, at the time of applying for your VISA. You will also need to submit a copy of your documents related to your health insurance as recommended by the Australian government.
If you are travelling to Australia for your job, you may need to show your employment letter or submit it at the time of applying for the Australian visa. There may be some other required documents which will be stated at our website when you fill up the form for your Visa to Australia online.