Denmark Student Visa

You must apply for a student visa if you are a non-EU citizen and wish to study in Denmark for a period longer than three months. This will enable you to remain in Denmark for the entire duration of your course and continue your education there. Your student visa permits you to travel to Denmark for up to 30 days (1 month) prior to the start of your academic programme and for up to 14 days (2 weeks) following its conclusion. If you haven't secured employment and are eligible to apply for a work and residence permit before your studies are finished, you must leave Denmark.

Documents Required for Denmark student visa

  • evidence that you paid SIRI's charge please affix the payment receipt.
  • a photocopied passport (all pages).
  • a letter of approval. The acceptance letter is required as documentation proving you are registered at a school in your country of residence (if you are a guest or exchange student).
  • Financial justification. You must be able to demonstrate that you can sustain yourself throughout your stay in Denmark financially.

Process- Denmark student visa

  • Use the SIRI website to create a Case Order ID You must generate a case order ID for your visa application on the SIRI website. Select the "Higher Education" case type, then fill up the blanks with your personal data. You will be given the case order number once you are finished.
  • Pay the Visa Fee You must pay the price of 1,890 DKK (253.95 EUR) after creating your Case Order ID in order to avoid having your application denied.
  • Gather the Necessary Documents A list of Denmark visa requirements must be prepared. A letter of acceptance from your school, documentation of financial support, etc. are examples of this. You must submit the necessary paperwork to avoid losing your visa. All of your documentation must be ready in digital format for online applications.
  • Finish the application form Both your educational institution and you must fill out the application. You have the option of applying using a print form or an online form. Use ST1 online to submit applications online. The first two sections of the application must be finished by your educational institution. Following that, you will be given a password and reference number to use for the other portions of the application.
  • Application printable form Part 1 of the application must be completed by you, and Part 2 must be completed by the educational institution. Submit the application in its entirety once both sections are finished.
  • Register your application formIf you have submitted the application form through Siri then it will get registered automatically by Siri. If you haven’t submitted the application form online then you have to submit your application form to the Danish embassy or to an application centre where you are residing.
  • Register Biometric Data For a Danish student visa, a photo and biometric data must be taken. Both SIRI branch offices and Danish diplomatic missions overseas are able to record the biometric information. If you submit your biometrics at a diplomatic mission within 14 days of submitting your online application, your visa will be denied.
  • Await a Reaction A student visa for Denmark typically takes two months to process (60 days). Your application status will be communicated to you by email or SMS.