Estonia Visa Documents

    When you apply for an Estonian visa, you need to bring a few things with you, such as:

  • A valid passport: The passport must be good for at least three months after the return date and must have at least two blank pages. Include copies of all your previous visas (if any).
  • Form to fill out: You must fill out the application form online, print it out, and sign it at the end. Make sure to fill out the application form honestly and with all the information that is asked for.
  • Two photos of passport siza: A picture of the whole face with a light background. The photo must have been taken within the last six months and must meet the requirements for a Schengen visa photo.
  • Medical insurance: Health insurance that is valid and covers at least €30,000 in Estonia and the rest of the Schengen area.
  • A cover letter: The cover letter must explain why you want to go to Estonia, when and how you will get there, when you leave, etc
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  • Proof of living: You will need proof that you have a place to live in Estonia.
  • Civil status: If you are married, you need a marriage certificate. If you have a child, you need a birth certificate. If your spouse has died, you need a death certificate (if applicable).
  • Bank statement: This is a paper from your bank that shows you have at least €100 in your account every day for the whole time you are in Estonia.
  • Biometric (fingerprints): When you give the embassy or consulate the documents they asked for, you must also give them your fingerprints.