Eligibility For Ethopia Visa

You must have a current passport, six months' worth of bank statements, and at least two current legal photos. Each of them has to be scanned. Only the visa processing system should scan the documents; if any are missing, the user should get checked. The completed scanning procedure is indicated by a specific stamp placed on each paper once the papers have been reviewed.

If someone else is traveling with you, you should have a return ticket for yourself. If either of them returns after your visa ends, you are ineligible. Both of them should have your return ticket following your visa expiration. Depending on the country in which you live and the type of visa you have, you must then pay additional fees for visa updates.

Anyone with a medical condition should have a valid doctor's prescription stating they are willing to travel while taking their medication. If the persons are urged not to travel because they are medically unfit, they must adhere to all qualifying requirements. They should have the appropriate doctor's prescription if such a trip is urgent.