Finland Family Visa

Foreign nationals may apply for a Finland family visa if they have relatives there. The majority of applications for residency are based on family connections, but it's crucial to understand exactly who qualifies as a family member and how to apply for a family visa in Finland.

Documents you need before you apply for Finland Family Visa are listed below

  • At the time of application and for the duration of your visit to Finland, your passport must be current and valid. You won't be granted a visa and your passport won't be approved if it's out of date.
  • PK1 plus form. Your Finnish sponsor must complete and sign this form before sending it to you to be attached to the remainder of your application.
  • identity photograph The Schengen visa photo requirements must be followed, and you must include a current identity photo to your application.
  • a copy of the bio page of your passport. Additionally, you must have a separate copy of your passport's bio page.
  • a copy of the passport bio page for your sponsor. You will need a copy of your spouse's bio page from their passport in order to include it with your application.
  • legal records. Civil status documentation from your country of residence must be current and valid. Among these records are birth certificates.
  • marriage certificate
  • Marriage licence (if you and your spouse were divorced once and now are married again).
  • a recognised partnership certificate.
  • Acknowledgement of a dissolved partnership (if you and your partner dissolved your partnership and registered again).
  • (If you or your spouse/partner is a widower) Death certificate.
  • adoption documents. if the application pertains to an adopted child.
  • evidence of sound financial status. If you relocate to Finland, you must show evidence of your ability to support yourself financially. You must submit your spouse's or partner's income statement if they are paying for your stay. The level of financial security is based on the size of the family; application conditions vary.
  • a document demonstrating your residence. A document demonstrating your legal residency in the nation in which you are presently living is also required.
  • valid certificate of standing. This document, which is typically provided by civil courts, attests to the fact that you are not the subject of an investigation and that you are not being held on any criminal charges.
  • Employment agreement. A copy of your job contract must be provided if you are, by chance, employed in Finland.
  • evidence of the financial situation of your spouse. You must also submit the following paperwork:
  • bank statements from the last six months of your spouse or partner.
  • copies of the most recent tax return, tax decision, and tax card for your spouse or partner.
  • documents pertaining to the business owned by your spouse or partner, such a business licence, an income statement, bank statements, the number of employees, etc.
  • documents pertaining to the pension of your spouse or partner.
  • documents pertaining to additional income assets
  • a declaration of paternity. In circumstances where the child was born out of wedlock, you must present a paternity certificate if you are applying to be reunited with your child in Finland or if you are applying at the same time as your child.
  • Letter of approval. A letter of consent is required when a minor requests to be reunited with one parent or legal guardian while the other parent or legal guardian is abroad.

Documents you need for Finland Family Visa on the Basis of Cohabiting Partners are mentioned below

  • evidence of cohabitation You and your partner must provide evidence that you have been in a committed relationship for the past two years by residing together. It can be a lease or a piece of real estate that you own. You won't be granted a visa if you and your partner reside in different places and just share a residence during the holidays.
  • not wedded. You must also provide evidence that neither you nor your partner is already married.
  • shared custody. You must present proof, such as the child's birth certificate or a family certificate, if you and your partner have a child and share custody. You won't be required to provide proof that you lived together for two years if you have joint custody of your child.
  • important causes. If you don't qualify for a visa based on cohabiting partners generally, you can make your case for why you should be granted a residence permit. The embassy examines each of these instances individually.

Documents required on the basis of Finland Family Visa on the Basis of Intimate Relationship are listed below

Although the person you are dating is not regarded as a family member, you can nonetheless request a family visa on the basis of an intimate relationship. The criteria that must be met in this situation are as follows

  • monetary security. You must show proof that you have the means to pay for your stay in Finland on your own. Typically, an adult needs to have €1,000 in their own bank account to cover living costs.
  • a detailed description of your connection. You must submit a letter outlining the details of your relationship and your motivations for moving to Finland.
  • confirming the pregnancy You must present a pregnancy certificate if one of the reasons you want to move in together is because you are pregnant.

Process Finland Family Visa

  • Obtain all the documents you'll need for the application, and if necessary, have them all legalised. Check with the embassy to receive a list of prerequisites and a list of the documents that need to be legalised before you start gathering your paperwork. The embassies could need more paperwork. If your documents are not in Swedish, Finnish, or English, they must also be translated.
  • Once everything is prepared, you can submit a visa application. You have two options for applying: online using the e-service or in person at a nearby Finnish mission. In either case, only you have the authority to submit the application; even if you give your sponsor permission, they cannot do so on your behalf. If the applicant is a minor, the legal guardian may submit an application on their behalf or on behalf of another person they have designated.
  • As soon as your application is received, you must visit your local embassy or consulate to provide your fingerprints and establish your identification. The original documents that you attached to the online application should also be brought.
  • If you submit your application in person, you can complete it there and affix your supporting documentation to the paper application.
  • Get ready for a potential interview; an embassy representative officer can interrogate you about your relationship with the sponsor.
  • Even if your child is still a baby, bring them with you if you apply for them.
  • Remember: When you visit a Finnish embassy, you must pay the service cost for both online and in-person applications.
  • A family visa for Finland typically takes 2 to 9 months to process. The processing time for the online service will be faster than the paper application. Make sure you have everything the first time you submit your paperwork because the processing period will be extended if something is missing from your application.
  • The Immigration Office will transmit your residency card to the embassy after reviewing your application and responding favourably. When you're ready, you can pick it up and then head to Finland. As soon as you get there, you need to register at a nearby registration office.