Greece- Transit Visa

A transit visa is a type of travel authorization that enables you to travel via another nation before arriving at your final destination. A transit visa for the Schengen Area is necessary, for instance, if you are flying from India to the US but need to stop in the Schengen Zone before continuing to the US.

Since transit visas are temporary and typically not necessary for everyone, it is crucial to check with an embassy or consulate before your trip to determine your eligibility.

When you are applying for a Greece Transit visa you have to submit the following documents

  • A current passport and visa, if necessary, for the destination country.
  • The travel document for the destination nation.
  • Certification of physical fitness. proving that, in accordance with the international context and the World Health Organization, you are clear of any ailment that could endanger public health.
  • Valid Letter from the inviting Shipping Company about the Seaman's Book. issued by the shipping company that is inviting the traveller in the Schengen nation where they will disembark
  • The shipping company's request a document including all the necessary information on the seafarer, including name, surname, date of birth, passport number, rank, and grade.
  • Employment agreement. To board the ship, make a contract with the navigational service or vessel.

Greece- Transit visa Eligibility

Your employees must apply for a work permit in person at their neighbourhood municipal office or police station within 30 days of arriving in Greece. What kind of job they have determines the kind of work permit they require, which can also affect how long the permit is valid. The fundamental application steps comprise:

  • Valid passport and bank statements from the last six months and at least two pictures should all be provided by you to the visa authorities.
  • It is necessary to keep the double tickets of the passengers travelling to Greece in accordance with the visa expiration date.
  • People who have any form of medical condition should have a valid doctor's prescription authorising them to go abroad while taking their medication.
  • If a person is medically unfit or is not advised to travel, they must adhere to all qualifying requirements. If such travel is necessary due to an emergency, they should get the appropriate prescription from the doctor.