Hungary Tourist Visa

There are many good reasons to include Hungary to your trip wish list. The nation is well-known among tourists from throughout the world as well as among residents of Europe. Even though many people think that travelling to Hungary would be a fantastic idea, there is a certain group of tourists that must go through the visa application process in order to receive a Hungary Tourist (Schengen) Visa. You are permitted to enter and remain in Hungary for a period of 90 days with a Schengen visa.

Documents you need before you apply for Hungary Tourist Visa are listed below

  • Passport must be current and original, issued within the last 10 years. The passport must have two blank pages and be valid for at least three months from the day you plan to leave Hungary.
  • Application for a Visa: Correctly complete the application form in English, then sign it at the bottom. You must give accurate information and refrain from spreading rumours. Print the form, then deliver it to the diplomatic mission of Hungary.
  • A picture the size of a passport Include a recent photo of yourself that is no older than three months. The photo should adhere to the Schengen Visa photo specifications and be in a passport-sized format.
  • Travel protection (medical): Valid travel health insurance that provides at least 30.000€ in coverage for the cost of your prescription medications and your return journey home.
  • Accommodations statement : An invitation letter you receive from Hungary's Migration Department that includes details about the host, the invited guest (you), and the accommodations. You can use a hotel reservation, an Airbnb listing, a rental agreement, etc. if you don't have an invitation letter
  • Flight schedule: Include information about your flight, such as the entry and departure dates.
  • Resume letter: Write a cover letter in which you explain why you are visiting Hungary and the itinerary you have planned while you are here.
  • Evidence of civil status documents that detail your marital status, as well as whether you're divorced, widowed, or involved.
  • Evidence of financial support: Send a bank reference with details on your bank account to demonstrate that you have adequate money to cover your expenses for the duration of your entire vacation to Hungary.

Process- Hungary Tourist Visa

  • Select the visa category. The type of visa you select will depend on why you're travelling. You need to select "Hungary Tourist visa" in this situation.
  • Make time to meet. Visit the Ministry of Affairs and Trade's official website, provide the necessary information, and schedule a meeting with the Hungarian diplomatic delegation.
  • Complete the application. Fill up and sign the application form specifically for a Schengen tourist visa. To apply from Hungary, print out the application and send it to the Hungarian Embassy.
  • Gather all the documentation. Learn the papers you must submit with your Hungary visa application by reading the document checklist below.
  • Make the visa payment. Pay the requisite fee and send the payment receipt as evidence of payment.
  • submit the paperwork and the application. Send the application and the supporting paperwork to the designated Hungarian embassy.
  • Show up for the interview. The Hungarian embassy has the right to contact you for an interview even if you do not require a visa. In this instance, you must be punctual to avoid missing your interview.
  • Observe the answer. If your application for a visa to Hungary is approved or denied, the embassy will let you know.