Documents Montenegro Visa

    When you go to Montenegro and go to immigration, you must have the following things with you to get a tourist visa:

  • The printed eVisa for Montenegro
  • Your passport or other travel document, which was issued within the last ten years and is still valid for at least three months after the date you plan to leave Montenegro.
  • You should have travel health insurance that covers at least €30,000 for the whole time you are there.
  • A recent colour picture measuring 35mm x 45mm
  • A letter from the Bureau for Migration and Asylum to come to a meeting
  • Or, a visa or permit to live in the country from an EU member state.
  • Proof that you have enough money to pay for your stay. Even if your stay is shorter than 10 days, you must have at least €30 per day, but no less than €300.
  • If you are driving, you must show proof of a round-trip ticket or your driver's licence, green card, and registration papers for your car.
  • Proof that you have a place to stay in Montenegro, like a hotel reservation.
  • If going on a business trip: Invitation from the business or group that wants to invite you.
  • If you'll be staying with a family member or friend in Montenegro: The Moldovian citizen fills out a form about housing and living expenses.
  • If you are going somewhere to get somewhere else:
  • Proof of your job and the kind of work you will do in Montenegro
  • A signed copy of the business's licence
  • Your driver's licence, your green card, and the registration papers for your car.
  • If you're going somewhere for sports-related reasons: A list of the team members and what their jobs are.
  • If you are going somewhere for work: A formal letter or note verbale that tells the authorities in Montenegro who will review your application who you are and why you want to visit.