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Russia is the largest country on the globe by area and the ninth vast country having the largest population. It is a transcontinental country in eastern Europe and northern Asia. About 77% of the Russian population lives in the western, European part of the country. Its capital Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world. Russia is known for its cold climate, great literature, Unique architecture, beautiful nature, and bears. That is why the number of foreign tourists in Russia is increasing yearly. In 2017, 24.6 million foreign tourists made trips across the Russian Federation. Most of them had to obtain a visa to Russia before making their trip.

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Russian Visa Types

Determining one’s purpose for traveling to Russia, there are several Russian visa types. Each of them has its requirements, application process, and specifications.

  • This is a visa supplied to a foreign citizen belonging to a diplomatic passport i.e head of state, heads of government, members of an official delegation, etc.
  • This visa is issued to a foreign citizen having a service passport i.e. members of official delegacy, administrative and technical, etc.
  • This visa is supplied to persons The application form for a visa for Russia is available at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website all of the required information, with correct and honest information. traveling to Russia for a mini visit based on an invitation letter.
  • This visa is supplied to people traveling to Russia for business purposes.
  • This visa is issued to travelers if belonging an invitation letter from a Russian tour operator.

Visa Rules and Regulations

  • Visa fees must be paid after applying.
  • Customers have to wait for completely 2-3 business days for their visa processing.
  • The above visas made according to the chosen option will be valid only up to the last date.
  • All passengers who are traveling to Russia must have their covid negative report with a PCR report mentioning the time when the sample was taken.
  • All Russian passengers can extend their stay for 30 - 80 days after paying the extra fees.
  • In case you are suffering from any medical issue you should keep a copy of the medical prescription from your doctor for traveling because at the airport if it is found that you are undergoing some crucial health issue, you would be directly admitted to the hospital without your concern from the staff department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Incomplete supporting documentation is the most common reason for refusing a visa.

Getting one is not a challenging task. All you need to do is go to your local Russian Embassy and apply for the same.

You can extend the period of your lawful stay in Russia for up to 1yr by extending your Russian visa.

A work visa is required in case you wish to enter Russian Federation for employment.


Things to be Done in Russia

  • Make sure that you don’t carry any kind of products that are not permitted such as metal objects, sharp objects, etc.
  • Follow and read all the rules and regulations made by the Russian government.
  • Keep your original or copy of your passport when you are traveling to different destinations in Russia.
  • Gear up yourself with all your travel documents to reprint them at the immigration desk after arrival.
  • Keep in mind or note down all the emergency numbers in case you got any issues/ problems.

Apply Russia Visa Online

Applying for a Russian visa online is the step in which you have to go and where you can only apply for a Russia visa online through visit eVisas allow visitors to apply for their Russian visa entirely online in minutes, from anywhere in the world. Passport copies, online application forms, and other documents required for the visa can be submitted online.

Until now, eVisas were available for specific Russian regions. To visit the regions of the Far East, Kaliningrad, and St Petersburg, it was no longer necessary to present supporting documentation at a Russian embassy or consulate.

However, a unified electronic visa for Russia has also been agreed upon and developed by the government. The E-visa will allow its holder to visit all Russian regions within one trip, essentially replacing the region-specific visas.

Why do I need a Visa to go to Russia?

Russia has a very strict visa policy. Most of the world's countries will require a visa to Russia, even for tourism. Many others fall under the Russian visa-free regime. This means that the nationals of these countries do not require a visa when traveling to Russia.

Now, Russia has made feasible visa-free visits for up to 72 hours for cruise ship and ferry passengers, via several ports. A journey without a visa is possible through several airports. Holders of diplomatic from many countries are exempt from the visa requirement in a few cases as well.

Types of Russia E-Visa

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Russia Facts and Figures

Official name: Russian Federation (Rossiyskaya Federatsiya)
Land area: 494,208,000 sq mi (16,377,742 sq km)
Total area: 496,223,000 sq mi (17,098,242 sq km)
President: Vladimir Putin (Since 2012)
Prime Minister: Mikhail Mishustin (Since 2020)
See also: Rulers of Russia Since 1533
Current government officials
Capital: Moscow, 12.41 million (2018)
Currency: Russian ruble
Population: 146,039,519 (March 2022 est.)
Life Expectancy: 73 years
Literacy rate: 99.7% (2015 est.)