How to apply Russian Visa

The application process for a Russian Visa is as follows:

1. Get the invitation (Visa Support):- This is the first most step you should make to get a visa to Russia. If you are preparing to travel to Russia for tourism purposes, you can get your invitation from a travel agency. If you are traveling for other purposes, Your inviter should get the invitation from the general directorate for migration for the ministry of internal affairs of Russia.

2. Complete the online application form:-The application form for a visa for Russia is available at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website Give in all of the required information, with correct and honest information.

3. Collect the required documents:- Proceed with collecting the required documents for a Russian visa. Note that the required documents differ from one country to the other. The documents also depend on the visa type you are applying for. You should obtain a list of the required documents from the Russian embassy/consulate or the visa center representing Russia in your country of residence.

4. Apply in person at a Russian consulate:-You will require to show up with all these documents at the Russian consulate or Russian the visa center. There is no need for a prior appointment since walk-in applications are accepted. You will also have to pay the fees for a visa application when you submit your documents.

5. Get the immigration card:- After you get your visa for Russia, you can freely travel to the country. However, there are still some tasks you need to complete. As soon as you enter Russia, during passport control, you will have to fill out the immigration card. The card consists of two identical parts, both of which you need to fill in. The border police will keep one part of the card. You should take the other one with you. Later, you will need to return this card to the border police, when you leave the country.

6. Register your visa:-Upon arrival in Russia, you have 7 working days to register your visa. There are two ways to register for a visa. First, at the hotel where you are staying. Second, through the property owner of the apartment, you have rented for your stay, or where your friends reside (who have invited you over). You will need your immigration card and passport to register your visa