Personal / Private Visa for Russia

Russia Personal / Private Visa:

People who are visiting Russia for any personal visit can apply for this type of visa. This visa is valid for the maximum period of 3 months and is only valid for a single entry. A personal invitation document (also known as a visa entitlement certificate, or "vozvrashchenie") from a Russian citizen is required to receive this visa. Sorry, but making this invitation certificate for you will be a huge pain in the ass for your pal. This person must go to a nearby OVIR office (similar to immigration officials), wait in a long line to get an application form, fill it out, and pay a processing fee (about $30 US - always changing) before the immigration officials will check him (the person inviting you) and you. This process will take about 45 (!) days. I'm not sure what they look for, but since it takes 30 days, I assume they're looking for anything severe, like terrorism or espionage.So, after all this is finished (hopefully with success), the UVIR officials will give your friend an invitation (after he stands in a long queue again). This invitation can only be sent to you by post, because consulates accept originals only. It can't be faxed or e-mailed or telexed. So, all in all, it'll take about 14 days for it to arrive by post.

Documents required for Personal/ Private Visa of Russia are as listed below:

  • Invitation - The invitation letter issued from the employer in Russia. The letter must contain the details of the applicant, employer, and the work in Russia.
  • Passport - The original passport with at least 2 blank visa pages for immigration stamping. The
  • Application Form - Two copies of completed visa application form along with passport sized photographs (as per applicable guidelines)
  • Additional Documents - Based on the work category, the period of stay, and other factors, the applicant will need to provide documents of various types of approval authorising him/her to work in Russia.

Eligibility - Russia Personal / Private visa

To be eligible to enter the country on a visa, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Having enough money to cover all charges - You need to be able to pay your bills while residing with any dependents.
  • To ensure that you will return home after your visit, you must strengthen your ties to your native land.
  • Good moral character is a requirement, as is the absence of any criminal background.
  • You might need to provide a PCC for the same (Police Clearance Certificate).
  • Be in good health – You need to be as least as healthy as is necessary.