Russia Visa Price Online

30 Days Tourist E- RussiaTourism (Express) + Insurance (Covid) – 630 RR-  In this option one will get an express visa with insurance of covid a negative report in which they can enjoy and travel up to 30 days in Russia to its various destinations. After 30 days their visa will expire and they have to make a new one or go for other visa options.

40 Days Job Seeker E-Dubai Tourism + Insurance (Covid) – 2200RR - In this category, people who are visiting Russia for employment or want to find a job in Russia, get settled, and earn money.  Through this option, they will get a time limit of 40 days in which they can find a job with a maximum time of about 1 and 1/2 months, and also between it, they can travel to various destinations with this visa having features like insurance of covid, express e - visa delivery and further other services.  This all cost about 2200 Russian Rubles.