The czech republic Visa Price

30 Days Tourist E-The czech republic Tourism (Express) + Insurance (Covid) – 630 AED - In this option one will get express visa with an insurance of covid negative report in which they can enjoy and travel upto 30 days in The czech republic to its various destinations . After 30 days their visa will expire and they have to make a new one or go for other visa options . This short term visa is applicable for people with single entry . This express visa costs 630 United Arab Emirates Dirham.

60 Days Tourist E-The czech republic Tourism + Insurance (Covid) – 1640 AED - This category allows tourists to travel The czech republic for almost 60 days with a single entry option and including services of covid insurance , express e-visa delivery and with many more other benefits one can enjoy The czech republic Tourism which exceeds for about 60 days with a cost of 1640 United Arab Emirates Dirham .

30 Days Multiple Entry Tourist E-The czech republic Tourism + Insurance (Covid) – 1820 AED - The mentioned details is for visitors who wants to travel to The czech republic many times , Here you can avail the benefit of entering in The czech republic , UAE multiple times between a time intervals of 30 days for just of 1820 United Arab Emirates Dirham .

60 Days Job Seeker E-The czech republic Tourism + Insurance (Covid) – 2200 AED - In this category, people who are visiting The czech republic for employment or they want to find a job in The czech republic , UAE to get settled and earn money. Through this option they will get a time limit of 60 days in which they can find a job with maximum time of about 2 months and also between it they can travel to various destinations with this visa having features like insurance of covid , express e - visa delivery and further other services. This all costs about 2200 United Arab Emirates Dirham.