Work Visa Austria

One of the most economically advanced nations in Europe is Austria. As a result, it offers a variety of chances for its employees to work and achieve. Excellent working conditions, generous benefits, and high wages in Austria draw immigrants from abroad. However, most persons must possess both a visa and an Austria work permit in order to do so. The duration and employment mobility of an Austria work visa can vary. A Red-White-Red Card is the most typical kind of work visa in Austria.A Red-White-Red Card is a two-year work and residency card that entitles the holder to dwell and work in Austria. This sort of visa is not available to everyone because it is only given to highly qualified foreigners who want to work in Austria.

Documents required to apply for Austria work visa are given below:

  • Observation from the Employer. The Act Governing Employment of Foreign Nationals requires that your employer give you a statement (AuslBG).
  • Proof of Professional Credentials References and proof of employment are some of them.
  • Demonstration of Language Skills. You must present a credential that has been internationally validated as confirmation of your German or English language proficiency.
  • scholarly pursuits. Additionally, you must submit any research publications or university statements that attest to your work as a researcher or at a research facility.
  • Registration of patents. An excerpt from the national or regional patent registry used to register a patent (if applicable).
  • Proof of Annual Gross Salary from Last Year. These include tax returns that demonstrate your income.
  • Evidence of Your Former Position You need to present confirmation from your former employer that you had a leadership position there.
  • Proof of the Status of Your Former Company. Additionally, you must present proof that the business where you previously held employment is publicly traded.
  • Evidence showing you attended school in Austria These include verification through your study journal (Studienbuch) and the pertinent exam results.
  • Habilitation proof. With this postdoctoral teaching qualification, you are acknowledged as someone who is capable of doing research or imparting knowledge in a scientific discipline.
  • Employment Agreement. A copy of your contract from your current employer in Austria, which details your yearly gross pay, must be submitted.
  • Keep in mind that if your documents are not in English or German, you must translate them. A certified translator is required to complete the translation.

Process- Work Visa Austria

  • Find employment in Austria: Prior to requesting a work permit, you must already have a job lined up in Austria. You cannot apply for the Red-White-Red Card visa if you don't have a job contract as proof of employment.
  • Make a work permit application: You can apply for a work permit once you start working for someone in Austria. Either you or your employer can submit an application on your behalf through the representative authority in the nation where you are currently residing.
  • Request a work visa : Although you can work and reside in Austria for a long time with a work permit, you are unable to enter Austria without a D visa. Before moving to Austria, you must submit an application for a national D visa. The duration of your stay in Austria is limited to six months with a national visa; however, once you have your Red-White-Red card, the visa will no longer be required. To register with the registration office, you have three days from the time you enter Austria.
  • Venture to Austria: Once you have obtained a work visa, you are free to fly to Austria, obtain your work permit, and begin your new life there. You can apply for a Red-White-Red Card Plus after two years, which gives you permission to stay in Austria for an additional two years.