How to apply Brunei visa

  • How to Get a Visa for Brunie? Follow these eight easy steps to apply for a Brunie visa:
  • Choose the type of visa If you are eligible to apply for a Brunie visa, you must choose the right kind of visa. Depending on why you want to visit Brunie, you can get a tourist visa, a business visa, a work visa, a study visa, etc.
  • Set up a date and time Before starting the application process, people who want to use Hungarian embassies or consulates must make an appointment. Contact the Hungarian embassy or consulate in your country and make an appointment before you go there.
  • Fill out the form for a visa. Please fill out the application form for a visa and sign it at the end. You can fill out the form in either Hungarian or English. Make sure to pick the right application form for your type of visa and follow the instructions on how to fill it out. You can get the visa application form from the Consular Department of the Embassy of Brunie or download it online.
  • Compile All Documents Some instructions tell you what documents you need when you fill out the visa application form. If a person wants their visa approved, they should fill out the document checklist.
  • Pay for the Visa Nigerian Naira (NGN) can be used to pay at the Embassy of Brunie. Your visa could be turned down if the payments aren't made on time. The Consular Section will let you know if you need to pay any extra fees.
  • Apply for a visa and the documents. Attach the documents to your application and send both to the embassy or consulate so they can be processed.
  • Show up for the Interview The embassy will ask you to come in for an interview so that they can look at your application in more depth. You must be on time for the interview and tell the truth when asked questions.
  • Wait for a response If the Hungarian embassy has decided on your visa application within two weeks, they will send you an e-mail.