Work Visa - Egypt

An employment visa is for foreign nationals who have a job offer from a company or organisation in Egypt. The employee needs a letter of invitation from the organisation's employer to get a work visa.

Documents Required for Work Visa- Egypt are listed below

In Egypt, employers are urged to hire Egyptians rather than foreigners because doing so may affect their ability to obtain work permits. Work visa restrictions may have an effect on your employees because Egypt also uses a quota system. For instance, no corporation should have more than 10% of its workforce and 20% of its payroll made up of non-Egyptians.

Your international employees may apply for a work permit that is good for up to a year if there are no Egyptian nationals qualified for a particular position. Then, they have a three-year renewal option. Each employee is required to obtain a security clearance from Egypt's National Security Agency before submitting an application for a work visa. Other prerequisites consist of:

  • A completed application from the Ministry of Manpower and Training Facilities at the Tahrir complex
  • A valid passport
  • Seven passport-size photos
  • Two copies of your company’s incorporation contract
  • Two copies of the employee’s tax ID card
  • Two copies of the individual’s academic degrees and certificates
  • A copy of your company’s commercial register
  • License for exercising the profession, if applicable
  • A memorandum justifying your reason for hiring a foreigner
  • Approval from the related authority
  • Proof of a company representative acting on the employee’s behalf to apply for the work permit
  • A negative HIV test
  • Paid permit fees of 1,000 EGP
  • The Ministry of Manpower and Immigration will inform the nearest Egyptian embassy to issue a Work visa after the work permit request has been approved. Your staff can then travel to Egypt and apply for a work permit for four to six weeks. They are permitted to work during this time as long as they submit all necessary paperwork for a work permit.

    Note: After entering Egypt, all employees are required to register with the police. The government advises approaching the tourist police, who wear white uniforms in the summer. When workers arrive at their hotel, they can also take care of this responsibility.

Eligibility- Work Visa Egypt

All visitors to the Arab Republic of Egypt must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate (RT PCR) from a lab approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research. This is a rule set by the Egyptian government (ICMR)

  • The Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) swab test must be done at least 72 hours before a nighttime flight to Egypt.
  • Travellers who have had all of their shots can get in without a PCR test. AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Janssen, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Sinopharm, Sinovac, and Sputnik V are all vaccines that can be used. The document must be written in Arabic, French, or English.
  • Travellers must have a vaccination certificate with a QR code that says they have had all six doses of one of the six COVID-19 vaccines that Egypt and the WHO has approved. At least two weeks before their arrival, this must be done.
  • The submitted RT-PCR certificate will only be accepted if 1. It has the date and time that the sample was taken, which is the time that will be used to count the 72 hours.
  • Issued by a lab approved and accredited by ICMR, stamped with the lab's stamp, and not scraped or added to.
  • Telling what kind of sample was taken for the swab.
  • Saying what kind of test it is (RT-PCR)
  • Indians who have lived in Gulf countries with a valid visa for at least six months can get a Visa-on-arrival at the Egyptian entry point.
  • Indian tourist groups can get a Visa-on-Arrival at an Egyptian entry port as long as an Egyptian tour operator organises the trip.
  • Before and when they arrive, travellers must be able to explain why they are there, how long they plan to stay, and how much money they will need to get around.