Eligibility For Guinea Visa

You need to be an individual from a country other than Europe.

  • A valid passport, six months of financial documents, and two recent photographs are required. They both need to be investigated further. Only scanners that can read the required information on visa applications should be used. If there is any missing user documentation, the user is responsible for finding it. Each verified document receives a distinctive stamp when the scanning process is complete.
  • Each of you has to get a round-way ticket for the trip. Make sure the dates on your passport and your plane ticket match up. You will not be eligible to apply for a new visa if they return after your current one has expired. Additional fees for visa modifications may apply depending on your country of residence and the visa you first applied for.
  • If you need to miss a dose of a prescription drug for medical reasons, see your doctor for a signed note explaining the situation. It is especially important to follow all safety procedures if you are unwell or have been told not to go. A note from their doctor stating that they are in an emergency and must continue this manner is required.