5 Year E-Tourist Visa for India

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The 5-year E-tourist visa has a maximum length of stay for guests of five years. These visas allow for multiple entries into the country where users can apply for this long-term 5-Year E Tourist visa for India directly with the visits visa, with the help of proper documents and meeting the eligibility conditions.

Documents Required for 5 Year E - Tourist Visa For India

  • Original passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months.
  • A coloured copy of the first and last two pages, the observation page, and any relevant travel documents (if any).
  • Properly completed and signed visa application form, together with a photo of the applicant.
  • Letter of invitation (if any) from the national host company.
  • In original and photocopy, an onward and return confirmed ticket from Emirates or Fly Dubai.
  • Along with it, 5 Year E Tourist Visa for India fees that apply may be paid in cash, check, or credit card.
  • Female candidates, students older than 18, and those travelling alone must present a No Objection.
  • Certificate (NOC) from their parents or spouse and a copy of their photo ID.
  • Additionally, a coloured copy of the host country's passport or resident visa must be provided.
  • Applicants must prove they have sufficient funds to cover their medical expenses and living costs for a 5-year Tourist via for India . This proof can be in the form of bank statements, a credit card statement, or a letter from your bank confirming your financial status, which clarifies that you can be financially stable.

Eligibility Criteria Required for 5 Year E Tourist Visa for India

User needs to complete these eligibility criteria to acquire the 5 Year E Tourist visa for India for any country like India , USA etc by visit visa

Travel records: Applicants who have travelled once in the last five years to the UAE, the USA, the UK, the Schengen nations, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, etc., or who have a valid visa for those countries may apply under this requirement.

Financial information: Those who don't qualify based on their travel history must provide either their Income Tax Return for the same period or Form 16 for the past two years, with a minimum gross income from a business, profession, or job of not more than Rs. 2 lahks per year. Furthermore, candidates may submit proof of fixed deposits with banks or the post office totalling at least Rs. 5 lahks.

Newlyweds: If the name of the spouse is not endorsed on the passport, the couple must present the marriage certificate, a notarized affidavit on Rs. 100 stamp paper, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the parents with photo ID proof, wedding card, and marriage photograph.

How to Apply for 5 Year E Tourist Visa for India

  • Firstly all the person's information should be filled in correctly
  • Make sure the service charge is included when you are paying the company visits visa for your visa.
  • You can make the payment with the help of a credit card or debit card because they are separate all over the world.
  • All your personal information regarding all the guidance all the personal information should be filled to check without averted delays
  • If the user has built the forbid due to a sub-issue that has been called, he or she has to refresh the page.
  • Make sure that the payment is made from the secured source to visit the visa with the service charge Brazilian Brazil government fee included.
  • Once the 5-Year E Tourist Visa for India application form and paymareiare done, users should wait for at least 2-3 business days. In the time taken by us, we will process your application to the higher authorities as soon as we can. Processing is the maximum time the visits visa company takes because all the changes and applications filled are checked and processed.
  • In case you are suffering from any medical issue, you should keep a copy of the medical prescription from your doctor for travelling because at the airport, if it is found that you are undergoing some serious health issue, you would be directly admitted to the hospital without your concern from the staffing department. You will get health insurance plan benefits by visits a visa in the hospital.