Eligibility For India Visa

To obtain a tourist visa for India, one must meet the following India visa eligibility requirements criteria

  • At least two valid passport photographs and six months' worth of bank statements are also required. They all need to be scanned. Only the visa processing system can scan the documents; If any is missing, the user will have to do physical verification of his/her eligibility. After the scanning process is finished, each document is marked with a unique stamp to indicate its status.
  • If you are traveling somewhere with your partner, then both of you should have round-trip tickets. If any of you are planning to return after your visa expires, you will not be allowed to enter the country. The fee for renewing your visa varies by country and visa type.
  • Anyone experiencing such a medical condition requires a valid doctor's prescription indicating that the patient is willing to travel between dosage periods. If people are or are not medically unfit, they are strongly advised not to go; Thus, all the eligibility requirements must be fulfilled. A doctor's note is required if a person has to travel due to an urgent medical issue. If someone is suffering from any kind of health problem during his/her travel, he/she will get health insurance benefits when he/she applies for an India visa.