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Malaysia is one of the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia. It is known for its beautiful scenery, natural wonders, and busy cities, especially Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has everything, from its cosmopolitan areas to its almost perfect places in the countryside. Malaysia is also one of Asia's financial powerhouses, thanks to its strong economy, which is mostly driven by the steady transport of raw materials.

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Types Of Malaysia Visa

  • Malaysia has strict rules about who can go there and how long they can stay. Some foreigners can visit Malaysia for short periods without a visa, while others must apply for a tourist visa to Malaysia before they can go.

    Also, a tourist visa is not your only permission to go to Malaysia. You will also need a pass from the immigration officer at the point of entry to Malaysia for short-term visits with friends and family.

  • People from other countries who want to work in Malaysia must get a Malaysian work visa. The whole process of getting a work permit in Malaysia is called a "work visa." Before you can work in Malaysia as a foreigner, you must find a Malaysian company that will hire you. Then your employer will have to apply for a work permit in Malaysia. Only if the application is approved by the people in charge of giving work permits to people from other countries can you start working in Malaysia. There are also different kinds of work permits in Malaysia, depending on the job's length.
  • Electronic Travel Registration and Information visa is another name for eNTRI. eNTRI Visa is an online registration that makes it easier for eligible citizens to use Malaysia's visa waiver programme to get into the country. Only China and India can join this programme. When you get to Malaysia, you will be given a note that must be shown as proof of your registration. Remember that people with these visas can only stay in Malaysia for up to 15 days. There's no way to get more time.
  • It is very easy to apply for this Visa. It is a website where foreigners can fill out an application for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia. The evisa is good for three months, and depending on the type of eVISA, the holder can stay in Malaysia for no more than 30 days per visit.

    The following countries can apply for an eVISA:

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro
  • China
  • eVISA medical is one of the types of eVISA. This Visa is for people from outside of Malaysia who want to get medical care in Malaysia. Patients can stay for up to 90 days, but private hospitals only offer appointments. eVISA holders are not allowed to use public health care.

Malaysia Visa Rules and Regulations

  • Visa fees must be paid after the application has been sent in.
  • Customers must wait for their visas to be processed for two to three business days.
  • The above visas will only be good until the last date, depending on your choice.
  • All travellers to Malaysia must have a covid negative report with a PCR report that says when the sample was taken.
  • All passengers in Malaysia can stay an extra 30–60 days if they pay the extra fees.
  • If you have a medical problem, you should bring a copy of your doctor's prescription with you when you travel. If you are found to have a serious health problem at the airport, you will be sent straight to the hospital without any questions from the staffing department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Malaysia Those with an eVisa can get into the country in any way, by sea, air, or land.

Yes, Indians can use it, but only if they travel from certain countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

As was already said, people from India and China can get an eNTRI visa. But keep in mind that only people living in China's mainland are eligible. People from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan are not allowed to take part.

Those who get a Malaysia eNTRI visa can only stay up to 15 days. This Visa is like a "single entry" visa, which means you can only go to Malaysia once. With an eNTRI visa, you can't ask for a longer time.


Things to be Done in Malaysia

Ensure you don't bring any items that aren't allowed or can't get through customs, like metal objects, sharp objects, etc.

Follow and read all of the government of Malaysia's rules and regulations.

Please keep all the emergency numbers in mind or write them down in case you need them.

Prepare all your travel documents so you can have new copies made at the immigration desk when you arrive.

Keep your passport or copy when you go to different places in Malaysia.

Apply for Malaysia Visa Online

The step you have to take is to apply for a Malaysia visa online. You can only apply for a Malaysia visa online by visiting To get a Malaysia visa, you must follow a few steps and processes and follow the right instructions. Users should read the information carefully if they have trouble clicking the "Apply" button. Once they understand each information and section, they can fill out the form. If you make a mistake in any of these steps, you won't be able to get your Visa. In this case, your Visa might be turned down by the other end. So the user should be very careful when applying for a Malaysia visa.

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Great Response and Service

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Malaysia Facts and Figures

OFFICIAL NAME: The Federation of Malaya
FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary system,Constitutional monarchy,Elective monarchy
CAPITAL: Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
POPULATION: 3.28 crores (2021)
OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Malay, or Bahasa Malaysia
MONEY: Malaysian Ringgit equals
AREA: 329,847 km²
MOST FAMOUS WATERFALL: Kota Tinggi Waterfalls,Chiling waterfalls,Mahua Waterfall,Kanching Falls