Macau Visa Price

For all visitors from the Maldives, a tourist visa on arrival is free. When you extend your tourist visa, there is a cost for the visa. You can extend your stay in the Maldives for up to 60 days for a cost of Rufiyaa 750 (about 3750 Indian rupees).

The Maldives is a location that fascinates everyone and draws visitors looking for a relaxing and adventurous vacation. Consider booking advance Maldives vacation packages along with the Maldives visa fees. Maldives gives free on-arrival visas, so you shouldn't worry about that. Isn't it a cause for celebration? Therefore, start making travel plans right away.

  • Application for a visa. Filled out and signed.
  • There must be two recent photographs attached. The visa photo criteria state that both photos must have been taken within the previous three months.
  • An active passport must be no more than ten years old and be valid for at least three more months after the day you intend to depart the Maldives region. Dated passports with visas (if you have any).
  • Reservation or schedule for a round journey. Dates and flight numbers indicating arrival and exit from the Maldives region must be included. You can use services like this one that offers visa consultations. These people can handle most of your visa requirements, including flight and hotel bookings and free email consultations.
  • Travel insurance- a statement indicating you have travel health insurance covering the entire Maldives region and a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros in any medical emergency, including diseases, accidents, and even repatriation in the event of death. From Europ Assistance, the Insurance insurance is conveniently available for purchase online.
  • Evidence of accommodation- A document detailing your accommodations throughout your Maldives visit.

There are several possibilities for this:

  • Booking a hotel or hostel.
  • A contract for renting.
  • A letter was inviting you to stay at their home from the host.
  • Evidence of financial capacity Proof showing you have the resources to support yourself throughout your stay in the Maldives area. There are several possibilities for this:
  • A bank statement demonstrated that you have sufficient funds to cover the trip. The statement cannot be more than three months old.
  • Letter of sponsorship from a third party stating that they will pay for your travel to the Maldives area. This letter must be accompanied by a sponsor's bank statement no older than three months to be considered valid.
  • A sponsorship letter along with a statement from your bank.
  • A receipt for the visa fee. Adults pay $80, while kids aged 6 to 12 pay $45.