Tourist Visa- Qatar

Travellers from a few certain nations can apply for tourist visas upon arrival in Qatar. Tourist visas often come in two varieties: short, with a two-week stay limit, and extended, with a three-month stay limit.

Documents pply for Tourist visa of Qatar are as follow

  • passport of the applicant, whose validity must extend beyond six months from the desired date of travel to Qatar.
  • For a new visa, the passport must include the necessary vacant pages.
  • a letter or an application
  • recent two coloured passport-size photos of the applicant
  • If a person mails their application, they must include a pre-paid return envelope with the sender's and receivers' names on it.
  • Apart from a letter provided by the recipient organisation, diplomatic, official passport holders, and military personnel are required to submit two copies of an official letter from their national government (the company where the applicants will work while staying in Qatar).
  • When applying for a business visa, applicants must include a letter from the employer. Citizens must present an invitation letter when applying for a tourist visa to Qatar to prove their travel plans.
  • In addition to carrying the actual passport, you must also have two photocopies of the first page, which contains the name and picture of the passport holder.

Eligibility- Tourist Visa Qatar

  • People must provide their financial information to demonstrate that they have enough money to cover their travel expenses in Qatar.
  • Documents verifying hotel reservations and round-trip tickets must be carried by travellers.
  • Long and short visa applications are accepted from residents of Andorra, Portugal, Vatican City, San Marino, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, United States, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Brunei, Norway, Liechtenstein, South Korea, Switzerland, Singapore, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Italy, New Zealand, Monaco, Spain, and Malaysia.
  • If a person is employed by a Qatari company and is a national of one of the aforementioned nations, the company can arrange for a business visa for that person.
  • An employer may sponsor a Qatar work visa for a citizen. However, an employee needs to have at least two years of experience working for that particular firm.
  • The applicants must be in good health.
  • There should be no criminal history on a person.
  • For the Qatar family and visit visa, applicants are qualified if they have a family member or close relative who is employed there and who would sponsor their travel.