Document Required For Romania Visa

  • The application form must be appropriately filled in and signed; minors shall submit a form signed by both parents or by a person who permanently or temporarily exercises parental authority or guardianship.
  • Two recent color photos, size 3 x 4 cm. You have to hold at least 5 to 6 passport-size photographs of yourself or sometimes less than that on a front side, which can be seen clearly for the verification of the photograph and whether the person in the photo captured by the camera and the person in the passport size photograph is the same or not.
  • A valid travel document recognized by Romania, on which the Visa shall be applied and which has to be valid for at least three months after the estimated day of exit from Romania and contain at least two free pages and have been issued within the last ten years.
  • The legally required documents justify the trip's purpose, the duration of stay, and the possibility of returning to the country of origin or continuing 5. They travel to another country after their stay in Romania.
  • A travel ticket, valid to the destination, or the driving license, green card, and the registration documents of the means of transport, in the case of drivers.
  • Proof of financial means for EUR 50/day for the entire period, but at least EUR 500 or the equivalent in convertible currency.
  • Travel medical insurance in the amount of at least EUR 30,000.