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Boma National Park is the site of the greatest or second-largest yearly terrestrial animal migration on the earth, according to environmentalists and naturalists, respectively. Others, most notably the South Sudanese themselves, take credit for this wide stretch of wilderness that clings to the edge of the Ethiopian border in the east. Some attribute it to the Serengeti and the movement of the many wildebeest there.

Wau's location at the meeting point of many of South Sudan's most populous ethnic groupings is precisely why this city is currently involved in some of the worst incidents of the ongoing violence consuming the nation. The Southern National Park, one of the biggest protected wildlife areas in the country, is a nearly 7,800 square kilometre expanse of patchwork forests and grassland savannah in the very centre of South Sudan.

The Kidepo Game Reserve is situated in South Sudan's furthest south. It's a sea of greenery that spans more than 1,200 square kilometres across the local savannah grasslands and gallery woodlands, bordering the well-known Kidepo National Park in neighbouring Uganda. The docile and hospitable attitude of the animals is one of the main attractions for potential safari visitors.

  • The White Nile River enters the huge Sudd wetlands as it flows northward into the very centre of South Sudan.
  • The region's 1.6 million acres of land are home to some breathtaking landscapes, including herds of zebras and elephants covered in muck.
  • Canoeists must navigate through seasonal floodplains, damp grassy plains, and more, all of which are peppered with the galloping forms of hippos and the occasional crocodile.
  • The endangered Doka woodlands, wandering herds of elephants, tree-pepped grassland, bouncing gazelles, and a tonne of other uncommon East African animals can all be seen in that little portion of the reserve, which is undoubtedly important given the current economic climate.
  • Bor is now somewhat of an abandoned ghost town, having once been the location of some of the first Christian missions ever established in this part of Africa.

Types of South Sudan Visa?

South Sudan Travel Permit

For candidates planning to travel and sightsee in South Sudan, tourist visas are given. To carry out your travel plans, you can apply for a South Sudan tourist visa.

Business Visa for South Sudan

Your South Sudan business visa authorises you to go to South Sudan and remain there for as long as is authorised by your visa's terms of validity. It enables the holder to carry out business-related activities including going to conferences or meetings, leading or participating in training, carrying out internal audits, setting up equipment, or providing other temporary services for a customer, regional affiliate, or branch office.

Visa for South Sudan: Family and Friends Visits

Up until the date that your visa's validity expires, you are permitted to enter South Sudan on a Visit Family and Friends visa to see family or friends who are there legally. Diplomatic, official, and service visas for South Sudan

The South Sudan Diplomatic, Official, and Service Visa is an entrance visa that permits you to take part in intergovernmental meetings, consultations, negotiations, exchange programmes, and other events held in South Sudan.

Study visa for South Sudan

Foreign citizens may apply for a South Sudan Study Visa to travel to South Sudan for educational purposes, training, or research.

Visa Rules and Regulations

  • It is strongly advised that you carry a copy of your eVisa and any related paperwork in hard copy or as a soft copy on your person in case the system should fail.
  • A government visa fee is necessary when submitting an online application; it is non-refundable and varies depending on your nationality.
  • Applications that are incomplete or that include misleading information will be rejected automatically. Likewise, failing to upload all of the required paperwork.
  • It is illegal to conduct any type of business or job without the necessary licence or pass

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after you have provided all the needed papers listed on the Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Center's official website, the embassy may still ask you for more depending on your unique circumstances.

The length of a South Sudan visa is determined by how long the South Sudanese government issues the visa for. Once the applicant has their visa, they are free to enter the nation and remain there as long as the visa is valid.

Before visiting South Sudan, consider the following travel advice: Do not go on your own. Day or night, never go on a solo stroll. Have no faith in anyone (many scams can happen). Don't go to South Sudan to meet up with someone you met online. Avoid recording images or films of government structures, bridges, airports, or the military zone. Stay away from exposed areas like patios. Attending public events is not advised since terrorist attacks might occur at any time. Never carry anything of value with you. Don't store or utilise illicit substances. Don't consume anything that is offered to you, either. Avoid engaging in same-sex behaviours since they are forbidden.

Two months before to the date of trip is the earliest time to apply for a South Sudan visa. It is advised that all visa applications be filed ten days before departure in order to enable enough time for visa processing. Is the submission of my passport together with the application required? Yes, the Embassy will stamp the original passport with the visa. Therefore, the passport must have two vacant pages. Additionally, your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months after the desired stay.


Things to be Done in South Sudan

Discover tribal groups. There are an astounding variety of ethnic and tribal groupings in South Sudan. Camping outside the villages allows you to interact with tribal elders, watch a wrestling bout with them, and hear the ladies tell tales.

Take a look at the Dinka cattle camps, which house up to 500 long-horned cows. The majority of the Dinka are nomadic pastoralists, and their animals constitute a blatant display of their riches and position.

Put your principles and your money together. No, poached leather. Yes, empowering women. Visit the ROOTS shop in Juba to purchase elaborate beaded necklaces made by women from various tribes.

We are travelling in a way that has never been done before, meeting individuals who have been cut off by civil conflict for years. What a thrilling thought! So remember to go on vacation with your eyes (and mind) wide open and treat it like the adventure it is. You'll quickly become used to dealing with genuine interest given that South Sudan's tourism sector is essentially nonexistent.

Apply South Sudan Visa Online

A South Sudanese visa can be obtained online in order to plan a trip there. All nationals may apply for a South Sudan E-visa, with the exception of Tanzanian and Egyptian citizens, who are free from needing a visa. Depending on the period, the South Sudanese E-visa has several price ranges:

  • just one entry E-visa
  • three months several entries E-visa
  • 6-month E-visa with numerous entries

An E-visa for South Sudan typically takes 3-5 working days to process. Depending on the nation where you apply for your visa.

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South Sudan Facts and Figures

OFFICAL NAME: Republic of South Sudan
FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Islamic republic
POPULATION: 83,024,745
AREA: 636,372 square miles (1,648,105 square kilometers)
MAJOR RIVERS: Karun, Karkeh, Zayandeh