Eligibility For Sri Lanka Visa

To those who meet the requirements, Sri Lanka issues a variety of visas. The application may or may not be granted a visa depending on the requirements, eligibility requirements, and other circumstances. Your application will be evaluated by the Sri Lankan Embassy or Consulate to see if you are eligible for the visa approval. The applicant must complete the application form and submit it with the needed paperwork, depending on the kind of visa requested. The visa fee must also be paid by the applicant in order for the application to be processed. The holder of a valid visa may enter Sri Lanka for a certain period of time under specific restrictions.

  • The itinerary and the reason for the trip should be acceptable.
  • A passport that expires no later than three months after the day you apply for the visa is required.
  • Last three months' worth of bank statements must be provided.
  • Proof of accommodations is required. You can either submit proof of a hotel reservation or ask friends or family who live there to sponsor your stay.
  • If you are travelling for business, you must present documentation proving the company's legal status as well as a letter of recommendation from your employer.