Dubai Visa Extension

Dubai Visa Extension Procedure

The visa extension procedure has recently become simpler. Airport-to-airport visa changing is currently available for anyone looking to switch visas. This new regulation applies to all visitor visa categories, including transit visas, visas for stays of up to one month, visas for stays of up to ninety days, student visas, medical treatment visas, and permanent resident visas.

To extend your stay in Dubai, youll need to know how to renew your tourist visa.

By DNRD office

Suppose you need to renew your Dubai visit visa but would prefer not to leave the United Arab Emirates. In that case, you can do so at the Department of Naturalization & Residency for 500 AED.

Visa Run

A Visa Run allows you to leave and re-enter the United Arab Emirates. These can be done in the UAEs major cities, from Dubai and Sharjah to Abu Dhabi and Muscat in Oman to Bahrain and Qatars Doha and Kish Island.

Board a Plane for a Visa

In addition to the visa fee, you must budget between 500 and 100 AED for the flight if you desire to renew your visa by air. Enter the airports departure terminal once youve touched down. Do not leave the airport; return to the UAE on the next available aircraft. You can receive a fresh 30- or 60-day visit visa at Dubai Airport once you land.

Cross the border via car

How do I go about doing this? Before you may leave the country, you need to receive a stamp at the border. Return to your vehicle and proceed to the Oman immigration booths. Keep the ticket they give you in a secure place. When you return to the UAE, youll need to present it. The next step is to visit the immigration office to renew your visa and obtain an entry stamp. It costs 60 AED to get an exit stamp out of Oman. As the last step, circle back to the UAE border and re-enter with a fresh stamp and visa.

How Do I Apply for a Visa Extension to Stay in Dubai Online?

The steps that need to be taken in order to extend your visa are as follows.

  • Visit Dubai E Visa Online
  • From the drop-down menu, choose your citizenship and the country in which you currently reside, and then click the Apply for a Dubai Visa button.
  • Choose the 30-day extension for a tourist visa to Dubai, and then click the button that says proceed to apply.
  • After that, complete the application for a visa to Dubai.
  • Pay the required fees for the visa after you have completed the application form.
  • After you have submitted your application for a visa, you will be able to check the status of your application online.

Documents needed for a renewed Dubai visa

Documents needed for a renewed Dubai visa

Documents Required for Dubai Visa Extension

You can make a request for an extension through the hotel, airline, or travel agent that you are using. In the same way that you would have to submit supporting documents when applying for a tourist visa, you would have to do the same thing when applying for an extension. You are required to hand in the following documents, which are listed below.

  • The most crucial piece of documentation is a photocopy of your passport. If you are planning to return to your home country within the next six months, the validity of your passport should extend for at least that long.
  • You are required to submit two photos from within the last year. The photographs should be in colour, with a white background, and be submitted.
  • Included in the documents should be a copy of the most recent version of your visa.
  • The submission of a national identification card is also required of citizens of countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

In addition to the documents that have already been supplied, you will also be required to provide some documents regarding your guarantor.

  • It is required of you to provide copies of your guarantors passport as well as their resident visa. Both should be valid for at least three months at a minimum.
  • You are required to provide a copy of the Emirates ID of the person who is acting as your guarantor.
  • Included in the documents that you submit should be your guarantors phone number as well as their email address.
  • Additionally, the most recent bank statement from your guarantor is required to be submitted. In addition to that, we would require the individual to present a security check in the amount of 5,500 AED. Once you have returned to your home country, this check will not be deposited; rather, it will be given back to the person who guaranteed the loan.
  • During the process of applying to renew your visa, if you do not have a guarantor, you will be required to make a deposit in the amount of AED 2,000. When you get back to the country where you were born, this sum of money will be refunded to the bank account you provided.