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Dubai Visa Processing Steps

Commence on your journey through shimmering sands and towering skylines with Dubai Visa Processing: Apply, Await, Anticipate, and Delight.

Types Of Dubai Visa

Exploring Dubai's visa options is like searching through a treasure chest. Each visa type reveals a unique journey made just for you, matching your dreams and ambitions in this amazing city.

Transit Visa - A Glimpse of Luxury: Designed for travelers making a short stopover in Dubai en route to their final destination. Perfect for those who wish to experience a taste of Dubai's extravagance during a brief layover, allowing you to explore the city's attractions and indulge in its hospitality.

images Tourist Visa - The Gateway to Adventure: Ideal for those seeking to explore Dubai's iconic landmarks, vibrant culture, and luxurious attractions. This visa grants you access to the city's myriad of experiences, from desert safaris to futuristic skyscrapers.

images Business Visa - Unlocking Opportunities: Tailored for entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors looking to engage in business activities in Dubai. Whether it's attending conferences, meetings, or exploring potential partnerships, this visa facilitates your journey into Dubai's dynamic business landscape.

images Student Visa - Embracing Knowledge: Geared towards aspiring students eager to pursue their education in Dubai's world-class institutions. This visa opens doors to academic excellence, cultural enrichment, and unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth in one of the region's leading educational hubs.

images Residence Visa - Embracing the Dubai Lifestyle: Tailored for individuals and families seeking to make Dubai their home. Whether it's for employment, investment, or retirement, this visa offers a pathway to settling down in one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, with access to top-notch amenities and a vibrant expatriate community.

images Employment Visa - A Career Odyssey: Crafted for talented professionals seeking employment opportunities in Dubai. Whether you're drawn to the city's booming sectors like finance, technology, or hospitality, this visa paves the way for a fulfilling career journey in a dynamic and multicultural environment.

images Investor Visa - Investing in Excellence: Reserved for visionary investors looking to capitalize on Dubai's thriving economy and investment-friendly policies. This visa rewards those who contribute to the city's growth and development with opportunities to establish businesses, create jobs, and forge lasting success in the heart of the Middle East.

images Golden Visa - Boosting Prestige: This special visa is designed for successful individuals and investors who want to live in Dubai for a long time. It's like a VIP pass to staying permanently, giving you and your family the amazing opportunity to live, work, and thrive in Dubai's exciting atmosphere. The goal is to attract talented people and help the economy grow. The Golden Visa represents the highest level of honor and opportunity in the city, showing Dubai's commitment to being the best and most innovative place to live and work

Dubai Visa Fees

Type of Visa VISA FEE ($) Express Delivery (99 $) Insurance ($) Action
96 HR Transits 109 $ 308 $ 168 $ Apply Now
7 Days E-Visa 100 $ 299 $ 159 $ Apply Now
14 Days Single Entry 109 $ 308 $ 168 $ Apply Now
30 Days Single Entry 119 $ 318 $ 178 $ Apply Now
30 Days Multiple Entry 299 $ 498 $ 358 $ Apply Now
60 Days Single Entry 300 $ 499 $ 359 $ Apply Now
60 Days Multiple Entry 525 $ 584 $ 1980 $ Apply Now
60 Days Job Seeker 109 $ 308 $ 168 $ Apply Now
30 Days Single Entry GCC Resident 102 $ 301 $ 161 $ Apply Now
5 Years Multi Entry Visa 1099 $ 1298 $ 1158 $ Apply Now
2 Years Resident Visa 107 $ 306 $ 166 $ Apply Now

Dubai Visa Document Required

To apply for a Dubai visa, ensure you have the following documents ready

  • images Passport: Scanned color copy of your passport, including the first and last pages.
  • images Photo- sized photograph taken against a white background.
  • images Flight Booking: Travel itinerary or flight booking details.
  • images Bank statements: Only for a few countries, like Pakistan and some African countries.
  • images Hotel Proof: Proof of hotel reservation
  • images Guarantor: Guarantor required for few countries
  • images Additional documents: specific to your visa type (such as an invitation letter for a business visa or admission letter for a student visa).

Sample E-Visa


Dubai Visa Eligibility Required


Tourist Visa

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Confirmed return ticket.
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation.
  • Travel itinerary.
  • Financial means to cover the duration of stay.

Business Visa

  • Invitation letter from a company or organization in Dubai.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Confirmed return ticket.
  • Proof of business purpose (e.g., conference registration, meeting schedule).
  • Financial means to cover the duration of stay.

Transit Visa

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Confirmed onward ticket to a third destination.
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation if applicable.
  • Visa for the onward destination if required.

Student Visa

  • Admission letter from a recognized educational institution in Dubai.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Proof of financial means to cover tuition fees and living expenses.
  • Health insurance coverage valid in Dubai.
  • Police clearance certificate if required.

Residence Visa

  • Sponsorship from a UAE resident (employer, family member, or investor).
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Medical fitness certificate.
  • Proof of accommodation (rental agreement or property ownership).
  • Financial means to support oneself and dependents.

Employment Visa

  • Job offer letter from a company registered in Dubai.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Educational certificates and professional qualifications if required.
  • Medical fitness certificate.
  • Police clearance certificate if required.

Investor Visa

  • Proof of investment in a qualifying business or property in Dubai.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Business plan or proposal.
  • Financial statements demonstrating investment capability.
  • Any additional documents required by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Golden Visa

  • Proof of investment in a qualifying business or property in Dubai.
  • Valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Business plan or proposal.
  • Financial statements demonstrating investment capability.
  • Any additional documents required by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

Apply Dubai Visa Online For More Destinations

List of Countries is Eligible for Visa free travel to UAE from 82 countries 2024

In a bid to elevate its allure for tourists and investors alike, the UAE has broadened its horizons of visa-free travel. Presently, citizens hailing from 82 countries can explore the UAE without the hassle of visa procurement beforehand.

Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with a selection of two main visa options. They have the freedom to select a 30-day entry visa, which can be extended for an additional 10 days if needed, or they can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a 90-day entry permit.

  • Albania
  • Latvia
  • Russia
  • Andorra
  • Denmark
  • Qatar
  • Argentina
  • El Salvador
  • Lithuania
  • Australia
  • Estonia
  • San Marino
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Azerbaijan
  • France
  • Maldives
  • Serbia
  • Bahamas
  • Georgia
  • Malta
  • Seychelles
  • Bahrain
  • Germany
  • Mauritius
  • Singapore
  • Barbados
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Slovakia
  • Belarus
  • Honduras
  • Monaco
  • Slovenia
  • Belgium
  • Hong Kong
  • Montenegro
  • Brazil
  • Hungary
  • Nauru
  • Spain
  • Brunei
  • Iceland
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Bulgaria
  • Ireland
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Norway
  • Ukraine
  • Chile
  • Italy
  • Oman
  • UK
  • China
  • Japan
  • Paraguay
  • USA
  • Colombia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Costa Rica
  • Kiribati
  • Poland
  • Croatia
  • Korea
  • Portugal
  • Cyprus
  • Kuwait
  • Romania
  • Czech Republic
  • Liechtenstein
  • Saint Vincent
  • Luxembourg
  • Solomon Is.
  • New Zealand
  • Switzerland
  • Vatican City

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dubai Evisa is an electronic visa system introduced by the government of Dubai to facilitate the visa application process for eligible travelers. It allows individuals to apply for a visa online, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and long queues at embassies or consulates.

A single-entry Dubai visa grants the holder permission to enter Dubai once within a specified period, typically for tourism, business, or other short-term visits. Once the visa holder exits Dubai, the visa becomes invalid, and if they wish to re-enter, they must apply for a new visa.

Multi-Entry Dubai Evisa permits the holder to enter Dubai multiple times within a specified validity period. This type of visa is beneficial for travelers who need to make multiple visits to Dubai for business, tourism, or other purposes without the hassle of applying for a new visa each time they enter the country. It offers flexibility and convenience for frequent travelers to Dubai

Following is a list of the necessary paperwork to submit via VisitsVisa:

  • A photocopy of the photo page of your passport
  • A recent photo was taken in passport size.

As a citizen of your country, you can apply for a visa to Dubai without a sponsor. You can apply for a visa as a tourist or for some other reason (depending on the visa category and length of stay). Verify that you are eligible for a Dubai visa and submit the required paperwork per the instructions on the Dubai visa website.

If your application for a Dubai visa is denied, it is in your best interest to read over the reasons given. Submitting a new application after making the requested changes or providing additional documentation is possible. You can contact the Dubai Embassy or Consulate in India if you need assistance.

A multiple-entry visa to Dubai is something for which you can apply. You can enter and leave Dubai as often as possible throughout the visa's validity period if you have a multiple-entry visa. This is a great option if you're planning repeated travels to Dubai within a set time frame.

If you've been denied admission to the UAE, that may affect your visa application. When applying for a visa to Dubai, it is in your best interest to be completely transparent about any immigration concerns or visa denials in the past. You can expect a decision from the UAE government after they review your case.

No. The tourist visa cannot be obtained in a day because of the Visits Visa three-day processing delay.

Yes. The city of Dubai does not require a visa. You can visit any of the Emirates after receiving your United Arab Emirates visa.

The cost of a 30-Day Stay Multiple Entry Dubai/UAE Visa is ₹ 16400 for Normal and urgent ₹ 17550; a 30-day single entry visa is INR ₹ 6750 for Current; a 60-day single entry visa is INR ₹15,750; and a 60-day multiple entry visa is INR 19,350. A 90-day multiple entry visa costs INR ₹ 37500.

If you are an Indian citizen, you can use the Visitsvisa website to apply for a tourist visa to Dubai.

Tourist visa applications for Dubai typically take roughly three business days to process.

Applying for a 30- or 60-day tourist visa to Dubai from India is a breeze with Visits Visa.

There is some difficulty if your documents are not valid, but there are some difficulties that are formal. If you apply through VisitsVisa, then you will not face any difficulty.

Usually not. In some situations, proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses in the UAE may be required.


Things to be Done in Dubai

  • Be sure that you don't carry any kind of products which are not allowed or which can't pass customs such as metal objects , sharp objects etc .
  • Follow and read all the rules and regulations made by the government of UAE
  • Keep in mind or note down all the emergency numbers in case you got any problems.
  • Get ready yourself with all your travel documents to reprint them on immigrating desk after arrival
  • Keep your original or copy of your passport when you are traveling to different destinations on Dubai

Why is Dubai Visa Application Online Important on VisitsVisa?

Efficiency: Say goodbye to long queues and time-consuming paperwork. With our online platform, applying for a Dubai visa is swift and efficient. Save time and energy for planning your itinerary.

Accessibility: Whether you're at home, at work, or on the go, our online platform is accessible 24/7. No need to visit an UAE embassy or our office - everything is just a click away.

Simplicity: Our user-friendly interface guides you through the visa application process step by step. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you can complete the process with ease.

Accuracy: Our online system minimizes the chances of errors that can occur in manual paperwork. This ensures that your application is submitted accurately, reducing the risk of delays or rejections.

Transparency: Track the status of your application in real time. Our online platform keeps you informed at every stage, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

Expert Assistance: While the process is online, our team of experts is just a call or message away. Have questions? Need guidance? We're here to provide personalized support.

Secure Payment: Our online payment system is secure, giving you a worry-free experience when paying for your visa application.

Global Reach: Wherever you are in the world, you can apply for a Dubai visa through VisitsVisa. No geographical barriers, no complications.

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Dubai Facts

Dubai Facts and Figures

Name : United Arab Emirates
Location : Middle East
Time : IST (-) 1 ½ hours
Capital : Abu Dhabi
Major cities : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah.
Language : Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu
Area : 77,700 sq kms
Population : 6,072,475
National day : 02 Dec
Currency : UAE Dirham (AED)
Main Airline : Emirates (EK), Gulf Air (GF)
International Airports : Dubai (DXB), Abu Dhabi (AUH), Fujairah (FJR)