Eligibility For Dubai Visa

  • You need to have your valid passport , bank statements of the last 6 months and valid photographs at least 2. These all should be scanned. Documents should be scanned by only the visa process system are eligible , if any of them are left the user should go get checked . After the documents get checked they have a special mark on each paper with a stamp which shows that the scanning process is completed.
  • You should have a return ticket for yourself if someone else is going along with you. Both people should have your return ticket according to your visa expiration, if they return after your visa expires then you are not eligible . You have to pay extra fees then for visa update according to the nation in which you're residing and the type of visa which you have .
  • People suffering from any health issue should have a proper doctor's prescription in which he / she is ready to travel in between his medication. All the eligibility conditions are being very necessary to follow if the people who are medically unfit or not are recommended to not journey. If it is an emergency condition to do such traveling they should have the proper prescription from the doctor .