Documents Required For Saudi Arabia

In the case of Saudi Arabia, different countries may have varying documentation requirements.

  • A true copy of the passport the applicant is travelling on, with at least six months left.
  • A duplicate passport-size photo
  • The birth certificate of a child who meets the above standards should be used for children aged 0 to 14.


You must possess legal documents, which are ones that the government has issued. You must ensure that all the information in your documents is accurate and complete before uploading them. Each document must contain the same person's name, address, and contact information. Naturally, children's birth certificates should reflect their names exactly as they appear on their passports and visas.

Visitors must have copies of their documents when they arrive in Saudi Arabia and depart for other locations because the police or staff members at prominent locations may occasionally check visitors' personal information.

Getting a Saudi Arabia visa Eligibility

In Saudi Arabia, different countries may have different document needs. E-Visa:

  • A copy of a passport with a six-month expiration date.
  • A duplicate of the passport-size photo.
  • A photocopy of a birth certificate must be submitted with the other documentation for children (0 to 13 years old).