Singapore S Pass Visa

Technicians, accountants, and journalists are examples of mid-skilled workers who require the S Pass to enter Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore is in charge of processing all applications for work permits.

Documents Required to apply for S Pass Visa are mentioned below

  • The completed S Pass Application Form.
  • Your letter of consent.
  • A photocopy of your passport’s personal details page.
  • Copy of your marriage certificate (if you are married).
  • The latest business profile of the company.
  • Copies of your diplomas and/or other certifications.
  • You will require the following additional documentation if you are from India: Marksheets and transcripts.
  • You might be required to submit proof of your academic credentials. If so, Dataflow or another international verification organisation can provide it for you.
  • If you are from China, you can obtain the verification through the China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information or the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center.
  • a letter of support or registration from a professional body, accreditation organisation, or registration organisation. By occupation, the professionals in charge of producing supporting documentation are:
  • Singapore Medical Council for medical professionals
  • Singapore Dental Council, for dentists
  • For occupational therapists, physiotherapists, radiation therapists, speech therapists, and diagnostic radiographers: Allied Health Professions Council
  • Singapore Nursing Board, for nurses
  • Singapore Pharmacy Council is for pharmacists.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board for TCM Practitioners
  • Legal Services Regulatory Authority for attorneys
  • Football coaches or players should contact Sport Singapore.
  • A copy of the letter from International Enterprise Singapore approving the establishment of the company's representative office in Singapore, if your employer is the representative of the Singapore branch of an international business.
  • a letter from the corporate office of the company guaranteeing that they will be in charge of your maintenance and repatriation, stating the basis for the application and the length of time you will work there.
  • If you plan on working in a restaurant: a duplicate of the permit from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA)

Additional documents you need after getting your S Pass issued are

  • your passport information
  • You might also be required to provide copies of the personal information page from your passport, as well as any alterations that have been made to it.
  • information about your health insurance. Medical insurance that covers hospitalisation and surgery and costs at least S$15,000 annually must be purchased for you by your employer.
  • Information about your insurance for workers' compensation. Any employee who will be performing manual labour (regardless of pay) as well as any employee whose monthly income is less than S$1,600 requires your employer to obtain work injury compensation insurance.
  • information regarding your immigration pass or short-term visit pass.
  • the location of your home in Singapore
  • a location at which MOM can mail your S Pass Card.
  • Card for embarking or disembarking.
  • Form demonstrating that you have finished the medical examination, if necessary.

Eligibility- S Pass Visa Singapore

  • You are a labourer of medium skill (technician, analyst, accountant, journalist, etc.)
  • You've secured employment in Singapore. Your employer is the one who submits the S Pass application on your behalf.
  • A set monthly income of at least S$2,300 will be given to you. For workers who have less experience or recent graduates, this is the S Pass minimum wage.
  • For a foreign worker with more experience, the S Pass minimum pay criteria will be higher.
  • You meet the requirements, such as having a university degree or diploma. Technical credentials are also recognised, although the course must have lasted at least a year.
  • Your professional background is relevant.