Documents Required For Turkey Visa

  • Clear coloured copies of the front and last full pages of an Indian passport currently valid for at least six months.
  • Valid visa for the UK, Ireland, USA, or Schengen.
  • Any of the financial records listed below: Last three months' bank statement OR the last three years' worth of tax documents
  • The date of travel
  • A candidate's mobile number.

Legal documents, which the government has issued, are required. Before uploading your documents, make sure they contain exact and complete information. The same person's name, address, and phone number must appear on each document. The names on children's birth certificates should match those on their passports and visas.

Visitors must have copies of their identification documents when arriving in Turkey and leaving for another country because the police or employees at well-known locations occasionally check foreigners' personal information.

Your likelihood of receiving the visa increases with accurate paperwork that meets all requirements. Ensure that your documents adhere to the requirements set forth by Turkish authorities.

  • The completed application for a Turkish tourist visa
  • Your current passport or another form of identification
  • the two pictures
  • Proof of income or savings: You should budget €50 per day for Turkey. Therefore, you must demonstrate that you can support yourself for your stay by providing recent bank statements, a letter of support from a third party, etc.
  • Travel protection: You must be spending a minimum of €30,000 to cover the entirety of Turkey.
  • Travel Schedule: You can show a bus ticket, a booked, active, and returning flight, etc.
  • Attach your hotel reservation information or a letter of invitation from your friend, family, or host as proof of lodging.
  • A police clearance certificate attests that you haven't engaged in any criminal activity recently.
  • Documents of the business planning the trip: only for travellers in groups.
  • Documentation of Employment: Whether you are an employee or the owner of a firm, you must include proof of your status. Attach your spouse's documents if they are responsible for paying your bills.