Turkey Transit Visa

A transit visa for Turkey allows travellers to pass through the country on their way to another. All visitors needing a visa to enter Turkey must obtain the authorization if they want to: Cross the immigration line. Spend the night in Turkey to make a connection.

Application materials for a transit visa to Turkey must include the following

  • A fully filled out Turkish transit visa application form, travel insurance, employment verification, etc.
  • passport or another kind of identification. When you arrive in Turkey, it should be valid for at least another six months.
  • two identical images that meet the criteria for Turkish visa photos.
  • evidence of earnings or savings. You must provide documentation proving you have the funds necessary for your stay, transit, and destination country in Turkey. For each day that you intend to spend in Turkey, you should have roughly €50.
  • Proof of travel health insurance purchase.
  • Ascending Ticket. Bring a copy of the airline ticket that will get you to your destination.
  • Visa for the place you intend to go. Present, if necessary, a visa or other entry authorization paperwork for the country you are visiting.
  • evidence of lodging in Turkey. This might be a hotel reservation or an official invitation from the Turkish host.
  • Certificate of Police Clearance. This document ought to attest to the fact that you haven't engaged in any criminal activity recently.

Eligibility Turkey Transit Visa

  • Be a sincere traveller. You must have a reason to visit a legitimate and honourable country.
  • You must have the financial resources to support yourself and any dependents during the stay to be eligible to shoulder all costs.
  • Strong ties to your native country must exist for you to have good reasons to return there following your visit.
  • Be of good character - You must be of good character and have no history of criminal activity. For the same, you might need to present a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).
  • Being in good health means you must at least satisfy the authorities' minimum standards for health.