Algeria Visa Price

  • Algeria is one of the Schengen Area countries which allows visa-free entry for most EU/EEA citizens. However, some exceptions, such as Bulgaria and Romania, require a visa for stays of up to 90 days.
  • Norwegian citizens do not need a visa to enter other Schengen Area countries for up to 90 days, provided they have a valid passport and national ID card. It is advisable to check with the embassy or consulate of the country you will visit about any additional requirements.
  • Norwegian visas can be obtained from Norwegian embassies and consulates abroad. The application form can be downloaded from the embassy website or the government's online service Vinmonopolet []. The fee is 80 EUR (about USD 84). In addition, there may be an unavoidable processing fee, depending on the embassy or consulate where you apply. For example, it costs 35 EUR (about USD 36) in Berlin.
  • To avoid long waiting times, it is advisable to make an appointment before going to the embassy or consulate. You can also try to get a visa through one of Algeria's partner countries: Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, or Finland. These countries have reciprocal agreements with Algeria and are likely to have shorter application processing times than Norwegian embassies and consulates abroad.