Antigua Visa Process

How We Work Here



Fill out the secure application form online



Get confirmation and document requirements



Get your e-visa through email



Get your visa stamped into your passport on arrival

Have to apply for a Antigua visa online

You can apply for a visa online, but there's a certain website you need to use. All of your information will be required on a separate page. When you are finished, please read them well before clicking the "Apply" button.

Step 1: We've previously applied for a Visa.

The next step is to apply for the Visa. Reviewing a user's profile, supporting papers, and other information typically takes two to three business days. The VisaVisa should be ready in less than three hours if everything goes smoothly from application to delivery.

Step 2:Online payment of the visa fee is required.

When you're ready to submit payment, click the "Apply" button to go to the "Fee Payment" page. This page illustrates the inability to finalise a deal before payment is made. If your funds are deducted from your account before you can update your payment information, have no fear. It will be fixed in the end, but not before your money is wasted.

Step 3: Fly to Antigua after your VisaVisa has been printed.

A Visa will be sent to you by mail once processing is complete. It's recommended that you print your VisaVisa out and laminate it for added protection. Booking a flight to Antigua is permitted once these and other necessary procedures have been finished.
To receive your Antigua visa in the mail, you must first meet all requirements, sign all required documents, and follow all instructions in the preceding four steps. If the application contains false information, the VisaVisa might be immediately refused. Since we have already gained our client's trust by successfully processing over 100,000 visa applications, we are in a prime position to handle the upfront payment plan.