Student Visa - Austria

Around the world, Austria is a popular study abroad destination for international students. Some of the top public colleges in Europe are located there, and tuition there is reasonable. Additionally, it provides excellent employment opportunities for students who want to stay in Austria and work there when they graduate. You should be aware that, as a non-resident of Austria, you'll probably need to apply for an Austria student visa. In general, there are two types of student visas for Austria: short-term and long-term. The sort of visa you should apply for depends on how long your studies programme will last:

  • Visa C (short-term). You can stay and study in Austria for up to three months with this short-term visa.
  • Visa D (long-term). You can convert this lengthy visa, which is valid for up to six months, into a student resident permit. You require this kind of visa if you plan to study in Austria for an extended period of time or for higher education.

Documents required before you apply for a student visa Austria are listed below: You need the following before you can apply for an Austrian student visa

  • Genuine passport. Make sure your passport has two blank pages, was issued within the last ten years, and won't expire while you're travelling.
  • Application for a visa. The visa application form must be printed out and completed. Ensure that it is correctly completed, signed, and contains all necessary information.
  • Insurance for travel. You need to have Schengen travel insurance to get an Austria student visa. Any emergency must be covered by your insurance up to a maximum of EUR 30,000.
  • Identity Images Along with your application, you must send updated identification photos. Ensure that you adhere to the Schengen visa image requirements.
  • You must provide documentation of your accommodations. This could serve as evidence that you have a lease or that you are residing in student housing on campus.
  • Schedule for your trip. This includes the precise departure date, flight number, and dates of travel.
  • Financial Resources You must demonstrate your ability to support yourself financially throughout your visit and for the duration of your educational programme. The required sum varies by the student:
  • 552.53 euros per month for students under the age of 24.
  • Students who are 24 years of age and older pay 1,000.48 euros per month.
  • Monthly cost for a couple (both): 1,578.36 euros
  • monthly cost of 37 euros per child.
  • proof of enrollment. You must submit a letter of confirmation proving your enrollment in school from the Austrian university to which you have applied.
  • evidence of tuition payment. You must submit a copy of the bank statement or receipt proving that your university fee was paid.
  • academic transcripts from your previous institutions (if applicable). You must also submit a copy of your academic records from any previous universities you may have attended.

Process- Student Visa Austria

  • On your smartphone, be sure to first visit the visit visa website (iOS, Android).
  • Select your destination as Austria.
  • Select the country from where you are travelling from.
  • Click on the search option.
  • After that click on the apply now option and select the visa for which you want to apply.
  • Fill all your application form details and passport details.
  • After that the payable amount for the particular visa will be generated on our screen
  • Then you have to pay the fees which will be displayed on the screen.
  • Once the application has been accepted and validated, the applicant will soon receive an application number so they may continue with the fee payment. The applicant will be informed of any missing documents if there are any.

Process- Student Visa Austria

  • Research universities in Austria: Please be sure to select the university for your education that best fits your needs. Before you submit an application for a student visa, you must present proof of your acceptance. Before the deadlines on September 5 for the winter semester and February 5 for the summer semester, students are encouraged to submit their applications. Keep in mind that certain universities require an entrance exam. To get accepted into the university, you must pass the test. As a result, some study programmes may have a shorter deadline for applications.
  • Complete the application for a visa: The application form must be downloaded, printed, and filled out before you may proceed to the next and most crucial step, which is to apply. Compile all of your paperwork: Before submitting your application, make sure all the necessary paperwork is in order. The language of your documents must be either English or German, and they must be legalised if necessary; check with your local representative body beforehand. Make a reservation: To submit your application, you must make an appointment. A representative authority within your country, such as an embassy or consulate, is responsible for issuing visas. Once you've located your neighbourhood office, schedule a time to submit your application. Get interview-ready: At the embassy, you'll probably be requested to take a seat for an interview. You'll be questioned about your motivations for wanting to study in Austria and your potential future plans during the interview.