How to apply China visa

  • Select the type of visa
  • You must select the appropriate type of visa if you are qualified to apply for one for China. You can obtain a tourist visa, a business visa, a work visa, a student visa, etc. depending on your purpose for visiting China.
  • Set up a date and time People who want to use Chinese embassies or consulates must schedule an appointment before beginning the application procedure. Make an appointment before you visit the Chinese embassy or consulate in your nation.
  • Fill out the form for a visa. Please complete the visa application form and sign it at the bottom. The application can be completed in either Chinese or English. Pick the appropriate application form for your visa type, then fill it out according to the directions. You can get the visa application form from the Consular Department of the Embassy of China or download it online.
  • Compile All Documents The documentation requirements are outlined in some instructions before you fill out the visa application form. A person must complete the document checklist if they want their visa to be approved.
  • Pay for the Visa At the Chinese Embassy, payment must be made in US dollars. If the payments are not made on time, your visa application may be rejected. Any additional fees will be disclosed to you by the consular section.
  • Apply for a visa and the documents. Send your application and the supporting documents to the embassy or consulate so they can be processed.
  • Show up for the Interview The embassy will invite you in for an interview so they can thoroughly review your application. You must arrive at the interview promptly and answer all questions honestly.
  • Wait for a response Within two weeks, you will receive an email from the Chinese embassy informing you of their decision regarding your visa application.