2 Years Resident Visa

A multiple entry visa is available to those who only want to stay a short while in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates for sightseeing or dating. A multiple-entry visa may be most advantageous for those who expect to need to enter and exit the United Arab Emirates more than once within a 30-day period. You are permitted a 30-day stay in the nation with this permit. The duration of the visa is 60 days.

Documents Required for a 30-Day Multiple-Entry Dubai Tourist Visa

  • The visas expiration date must be at least six months after the passports.
  • Submit two photos of yourself, passport size, with your application. Frontal shots are preferred.
  • In order to receive updates on your Dubai visa application, you must provide a working email address.
  • Officially sanctioned bank statement copy.
  • Pay with a credit or debit card that can be used in the country being visited.
  • Everything that goes into planning a trip, down to the hotel reservation.
  • A valid, up-to-date copy of the travelers health insurance policy is required.
  • To enter and leave the building without incident, the applicant must be able to circumvent certain security measures.
  • Return flights to their home countries are already booked.
  • A photocopy of the PAN card.
  • Position sought by Applicant.
  • The applicants childs birth certificate is required if the applicant is a parent.

Eligibility criteria for 2 Years Resident Visa

The applicant only needs to meet one of the following requirements to be granted a UAE visa:

  • Travel History: The applicants travel history is reviewed to determine whether or not they meet the required travel criterion, which includes previous visits to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries such as the European Union (EU), Japan (Japan), the Included are the Schengen countries as well as Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the rest of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Records of Income and Expenditures: The applicants financial history is verified by reviewing their most recent two years of tax returns or their Fixed Deposit investments.
  • Family Invitation: Individuals may be invited by members of their immediate family. Invited guests to Dubai must be a child under the age of 21, a parent 60 or older, or a spouse.

Before applying for a visa, its vital that you gather all the pertinent data. Its frustrating not to know where and when to apply for a visa, especially if you need to make hasty travel plans. Having the necessary information makes the entire process simple.