How to apply Dubai Visa

  • All the personal information should be filled in properly and checked without unwanted time delays . If the user does unwanted delays of like 5 to 6 hours during filling the form then the user has to fill the form again because the page gets refreshed in that time and if they repeat the process again and again they are not able to fill the form for some time .
  • Make sure that the payment is done from the secured source with our service charge and UAE government fee included. For the payment guide, you can check a video on how to pay for a visa online from legal sources. Credit cards and debit card are the best payment source to make a visa payment and they are accepted globally without any issue .
  • Have to provide some other information after the application if required to confirm your existence and profile. Other information include like your electric bills voter ID cards etc , it is asked only if some of you're documents are not clearly mention like there are some problem with your photo or something else .
  • Once the application and payment are done users should wait for at least 2-3 business days. In the time taken by us, we process your application to the higher authorities as soon as we can. Processing is the largest time taken by the visa company because all the changes and applications filled were checked and processed in these days.
  • They will get their visa through e-mail which users can get printed out. Check that the information is printed clearly with photographs updated so that it can be scanned at the airport easily without any complications if gone for digital checking.
  • When you arrive at the UAE airport you should have your biometric - information available with you because your biometric will check for your confirmation about yourself .