Documents Required For India Visa

● The necessary paperwork varies from country to country in India. Electronic Visa: Visa processing offices in some countries may request additional information from applicants, while others may not. This might differ depending on the laws and regulations of the place in question.

● A copy of the passport with at least six months remaining until its expiration date — you cannot proceed with the conditions and procedures without this document. Images taken should be in focus and the appropriate poses. Applying for an e-visa to India requires applicants to adhere to the rules and procedures set out by the Indian government.

● A duplicate of the photograph used for your passport. When checking to verify if the person in the passport photo matches the person in the photo taken by the camera, you'll need at least five or six passport-sized photos of yourself on hand, though it may be fewer.

● A photocopy of a birth certificate is required for children younger than 13 years of age. A child's birth certificate, among other legal documents, is crucial. All minors should carry a copy of their birth certificate for easy identification. Some embassies and consulates will refuse to provide a visa to a person who cannot produce a certified copy of their birth certificate.