Document Required for Ireland Visa

When you apply for an Ireland visa, you must have the following things with you

Form to Apply for a Visa in Ireland

When you want a visa for Ireland, you must fill out an online form through AVATS, which stands for the Irish Online Application facility. After filling out the application, you must print it, sign it, and put the date on it.

A valid passport

You have to give us your original passport, which is:

It is good for six more months after the date you plan to leave Ireland. Has at least two blank visa pages.

You must also send photocopies of the bio-data pages of your passport and any visas that have already been given to you.

If this is not your first passport, you must include copies of any other passports you already have or have had.


You have to send in two photos of yourself that are the size of a passport and were taken in the last six months.

They are in line with what Ireland wants in a photo.

Make sure the pictures meet the requirements for an Ireland visa. If they don't, it could slow down the process.

Proof that you paid the fee for an Ireland visa

You have to pay an Ireland visa processing fee when you send in your application for an Ireland visa. If you apply by mail, you have to show proof of payment. If you apply at an Irish Embassy or Consulate, you'll pay in cash, so you don't need to show proof of payment.

Proof that you have the right to live in the country where you are applying

You must include proof that you are a legal resident of the country you are applying from. You must also have the right to stay there for at least three more months after leaving Ireland.

Include a copy of the front and back of your legal proof of residence in that country, such as a residence card, stamp, or sticker.

Write a letter about why you want to travel.

You must write a letter explaining why you want to go to Ireland. If you have family or friends there, you should mention them in the letter, even if you won't be staying with them.

If you are going on a business trip or to a conference or training, you should also show proof.

Proof where you are living in Ireland

Depending on where you are staying for the whole trip, you may need to show proof that you have a reservation. It must have your name, the dates you'll be staying, and the address of where you'll be staying.

Information about past visas

If you have ever tried to get an Irish visa, you must include information about it, even if your application was denied.

Include information about all other visas (from any country) you were turned down for and photocopies of any related documents.

Proof that you have enough funds

There is no set amount of money you must have to be able to get by. Depending on the situation, the people in charge of your application decide if you meet the requirements.

If you are paying for the trip yourself, you must send in the following:

  • The last three paychecks
  • The last six months' worth of bank statements, which:
  • Show recent transactions, like your salary, for example.
  • Are up to date as of the date you sent in your application.
  • They are real, came from the bank, and have the bank's stamp.
  • Say where you live now.
  • Show that you have enough money to pay for your stay.

Show that you'll go back to your country.

The Irish government needs proof that you will return home after your trip to Ireland. As mentioned above, this could be a letter from your employer or school. It could also be your marriage certificate, children's birth certificates, proof that you own property, a rental agreement for your home, etc.

Self-addressed envelop

If you apply by mail, you must send a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.


The Irish visa officers will send your passport and original documents back to you in this envelope.

Documents requirement for minor children

If you are applying for an Ireland visa with a child, you must include the following documents:
  • On the child's birth certificate, both parents' names are listed.
  • Both the original and a copy.
  • A letter from the school says that the child is enrolled there.
  • Both parents or legal guardians must agree for the child to travel.
  • Documents showing that you have sole custody of the child (original and a copy).
  • Documents with pictures and signatures of both parents or legal guardians that show who they are and who they are responsible for.
  • Both the original and a copy.
  • Remember that your reason for traveling may mean you need to meet other visa requirements. Check the relevant Ireland visa page for more information.