How to apply Japan Visa

Applying for a Japan visa online is the step you have to go, and you can only apply for a Japan visa online by visiting In applying for a Japan visa, there are some processes and steps you need to follow by listening to some proper instructions. If a user has a problem while clicking on the apply option, please read the information carefully. Then after knowing every piece of information and every section separately, you can fill out the form. If any mistake is performed in these steps, you can't be done with your visa, may your visa get rejected by the other end in such a case. So applying for a Japan visa is followed by the user very carefully. 


  • Short-Term Stay (A non-remunerative stay of up to 90 days for tourism, business, visiting friends or family, etc.)
  • For a Visa Applicant Outside Japan or for Inviting Person in Japan. You will need to prepare the required documents. (The required documents differ depending on the applicant's nationality, travel purpose, etc.) For details, refer to the website Of the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General. The documents to be submitted are a Passport, Visa application form, Photograph, Letter of Reason for Invitation, Schedule Of Stay, Letter of Guarantee, and Other necessary documents stated on the embassy website.
  • Next, apply at the Japanese Embassy /Consulate with the jurisdiction. The application is examined in the Embassy or Consulate. (If necessary, you may be contacted by the Japanese Embassy / Consulate-General and may be asked to attend an interview or to submit additional documents.)
  • After completion of the examination, go to get your passport back.
  • Visa is issued
  • Enter Japan within 3 months.
  • Long-Term Stay (A visit lasting more than 90 days in Japan, a trip during which the applicant works for pay, etc.)
  • Pay a visit to the Japanese Embassy in your own country. If you need visa guidance, the first place to go is your country's Japanese embassy or consulate. Visit the embassy first to find out what processes are required to acquire a visa to work or study in Japan. You may acquire a visa application form here, one of the documents you'll need to prepare for the process.
  • Contact Your Japanese Connection. A connection in Japan is required to apply for a long-term visa. Your link may be your work, the institution you want to study, or a Japanese acquaintance willing to act as your guarantor. Some of the visa paperwork requires the participation of a Japanese party (your job, host school, or Japanese friend/relative). The Certificate of Eligibility (COE), issued by Japan's Immigration Bureau, is a document you'll require immediately before arrival. The Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is necessary for all long-term stay visas and verifies that you meet all the requirements for entry into Japan. Your Japanese contact must submit your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to their Regional Immigration Bureau. Your COE will be issued and sent over for entry into Japan.
  • Prepare the Documents for a Visa Application. You must submit the following papers to the Japanese embassy in your country to apply for any long-term stay visa.

- Visa Application Form (*Some countries require two forms)

- Your Identity Document

- A picture or two

- Eligibility Certificate (the original and one copy)

Some more documentation may be required depending on your nationality. For further information, check the official site of the Japanese consulate or embassy in your country.

In the above steps, a person who wants to visit Japan and hopes their visa will get to their mail property should seriously follow the rules, regulations, conditions, and instructions. If false information is found in the application, the chance of getting a visa rejected directly may happen. Customers have to trust our company for the advance payment system because we are the most trustworthy company responsible for providing visas to our users and travelers with a record of more than 100 000 + visa approvals. 

Japan Visa Fees

There are many things to consider when planning a trip to Japan. Some examples are the need for documents, the cost of living, and the weather. But the cost of getting a visa is an important factor that is often overlooked.

Most of the time, the cost of a visa depends on what kind of visa is needed and how long you plan to stay in the country. Here are the fees for a visa:

  • Tourist Visa: Japan tourist visa costs 1,499 INR. The visa will be valid for 90 days. It will take 4-5 days to process the visa. The visa is issued for multiple entries as well as a single entry.
  • Business Visa: Japan business visa costs 1,499 INR. The visa will be valid for 90 days. It will take 4-5 days to process the visa. The visa is issued for multiple entries as well as a single entry.

Documents Required for a Visa to Japan

Documents Required for a Japan Visa:

  • All personal information should be entered correctly and reviewed without unnecessary time delays. If the user experiences unwelcome delays of 5 to 6 hours while filling out the form, the page is refreshed during that time, and if they repeat the process, they will be unable to fill out the form for some time.
  • Ensure that the payment is made over a secure channel, with our service fee and Japanese government fees included. You can get payment guidance from legal sources by watching online videos on how to pay for a visa. Credit and debit cards are the most convenient ways to pay for a visa because they are accepted worldwide.
  • After submitting your application, you may be required to provide additional information to confirm your existence and profile. Other information includes your electric bills, voter ID cards, etc. It is only requested if some of your documents are unclear, such as a problem with your photo or something else.
  • Wait 2-3 business days after completing the application and payment. We process your application to the higher authorities as fast as possible in the time allotted. The visa company's processing time is the longest because all revisions and applications are examined and processed during these days.
  • They will receive their visa by e-mail, which users can print. Check that the information is printed, with photographs updated so that it can be scanned easily at the airport for digital checking.
  • When you arrive at the Japan airport, bring your biometric - information with you because your biometric will check for your confirmation about yourself.