Laos is a landlocked nation in northeastern Central Southeast Asia. It comprises a narrow, peninsula-like section extending to the southeast from an irregularly shaped northern component. The nation's length from northwest to southeast is around 650 miles (1,050 km). The nation's capital, Vientiane (Lao: Viangchan), is situated in the northern part of the country along the Mekong River.
With its forested highlands, upland plateaus, and lowland plains, Laos' geologically diverse geography supports an equally diversified people that are mostly brought together through agriculture, particularly rice-growing. Between the 5th and the middle of the 19th century, interactions with the neighbouring Khmer (Cambodian), Siamese (Thai), and Myanmar (Burmese) kingdoms—sometimes hostile, sometimes amicable—indirectly brought Indian culture, including the now-practised religion of Buddhism, to Laos.
The visual, performing, and Buddhist and Hindu traditions have influenced literary arts in the nation. However, many indigenous and minority populations of the isolated highland slopes and hilly areas have preserved their own ceremonial and artistic practices. China borders Laos to the north, Vietnam to the northeast and east, Cambodia to the south, Thailand to the west, and Myanmar to the northwest (Burma).
Laos' harsh, forested mountains, which reach a maximum elevation of 9,245 feet (2,818 metres) above sea level at Mount Bia in the north and are a major obstacle to travel everywhere, dominate the country's terrain. The main range is a component of the Annamese Cordillera and runs along a northwest-southeast axis.
The Plain of Jars, also known as Thông Haihin, is a communications hub located on the Xiangkhoang Plateau in north-central Laos. Its name comes from the vast prehistoric stone jars that were discovered there.

  • This island country provides far more than a tourist visa to Laos. Who wouldn't enjoy Laos with its high mountains, deep caverns, and relaxing and peaceful beaches? Every tourist with a Laos visa travels to the Australian continent to see much more than just this breathtaking beauty. A tourist visa is provided to anyone wishing to come to Laos for tourism. This permit permits you to travel to the country to tour, visit, attending concerts and other recreational activities. This visa is typically issued for a three-month stay and can be single-entry or multiple-entry. The validity period is usually 12 months, but this can vary depending on your visa type. However, it should be remembered that the visa does not ensure access to the country. If border control discovers a problem with your permission, they can prevent you from entering. Tourist visas are granted to visitors from all over the world, allowing them to enter, stay, and move throughout the country for a set period. Laos welcomes many travellers each year for vacation, to see family or friends, or for any other reason that fits the Laos Tourist Visa terms. We can easily send you your visa by email because of our efficient processing unit management. The website's security mechanism will fully protect the privacy of your website.

Types Of Laos Visa

  • Foreigners visiting Laos for tourist purposes are awarded tourist visas. A tourist visa holder's stay in Laos can be extended twice to a maximum of thirty (30) days. It is illegal to work. Tourist visas can be obtained at visa-on-arrival points of entry in Laos, a Lao embassy, or a consulate abroad. Visa on arrival is not suitable for everyone, though.
  • Travellers passing through Laos to another country are eligible for transit visas. The owners of visas are valid for a maximum of five (5) days in Laos and cannot be extended. A valid entry visa and a plane ticket to a third country are required to apply for a transit visa.
  • International students who plan to study in Laos for one to five years are granted student visas. The 12-month visa is extendable yearly until the study course is finished.
  • Business visas, also known as investor visas on certain websites, are given to foreign nationals who work or invest in Laos, including foreign investors, stockholders, and businesses. Directors, deputy directors, technical officers, NGO volunteers, employees of diplomatic missions, general consulates, UN agencies, and other international organisations with regular passports. Before a business visa may be given, applicants must visit Laos on another type of visa and complete the necessary paperwork to obtain a work permit and an ID card.

UAE Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Download the visa application form
  • If your visa runs out while you're still in Laos, you'll be considered an illegal immigrant and may be deported. As a result, it is strongly advised always to keep a valid Laos visa.
  • All passengers who are traveling to Laos must have their covid negative report with PCR report mentioned time when sample was taken
  • All Laos passengers can extend their stay for 30 - 60 days after paying the extra fees .
  • The standard tourist visa allows you to stay in Laos for a maximum of 9 months in 18 months. The visa for Laos is not extendable.
  • If your visa specifies 'number of entries: multiple,' you may travel between India and Laos as often as you like until the 'expiry date of travel.'
  • In addition, the passport must be stamped with a valid Laos visa.
  • When you arrive in Laos, you must submit your passport, valid for at least three months from the day you intend to leave the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your visa application is denied, none of the money you paid is refundable.

A visa's expiration date may be extended under certain extraordinary and compelling circumstances. Direct information about that is available from the Laos Migration Department.

It depends on the laws and regulations of your home country or those of the embassy, consulate, or Visa Administrative Center. In other nations, sending your paperwork to the embassy, consulate, or Visa Administrative Center through courier is sufficient.

Even after you submit all the needed documents listed on the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Center, the Embassy might ask you to provide additional documents or information based on your particular circumstances.

The e-Visa Approval Letter must be printed and shown to the immigration officer.

You can use the Online service to reapply, yes. Please make sure all required documents are submitted.

There will be a dedicated lane for e-Visa service at the arrival ports.

All information provided by applicants during the application process must be accurate. Once the documents have been submitted, nothing can be changed. .

Yes, you can submit applications for up to 5 individuals.


Things to be Done in Laos

  • Compared to its more well-known neighbours, China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, Laos in Southeast Asia is a hidden gem. The 49 ethnic groups that make up the nation have an impact on the cuisine, culture, traditions, and holidays, giving the nation its rich cultural diversity.
  • The nation's north, centre, and south are home to beautiful scenery and warm climates. Laos has an undeveloped jungle habitat. Thus, it's possible to observe an elephant strolling while going to breakfast or monks crossing the street.
  • The most memorable experiences in Laos come from connecting with people and taking glimpses of daily life there. On a coffee farm, tasting a ripe bean straight from the vine and inhaling the standing at the crescendo of the tallest waterfall in Southeast Asia, Pha Pheng, or taking in the air's natural green tea smell. In addition, there are other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the Wat Phou Complex and the old town of Luang Prabang, that you can visit.
  • The best months to travel to Laos are from November through February. These are the finest months to take advantage of boat cruises, a popular method to see the breathtaking Laotian terrain and numerous waterfalls. During the dry season, boat journeys are frequently not feasible.
  • Apply Laos Visa Online

    Applying for a Laos Visa ● You can also apply for a Laos eVisa if you qualify for a visa on arrival. You can apply for an eVisa through the online Visa Issuance System of the Laos Ministry ofForeign Affairs (here). You must enter your nationality, travel information, and money for the visa. The Laos eVisa fee is non-refundable, and you will receive your visa within three working days after payment. You can check your visa status by clicking the "Check Application Status" button on the

    Types of Laos E-Visa

    • 14 days single or multiple-entry
    • 30 days single or multiple-entry
    • 60 days single or multiple-entry
    • 90 days single or multiple-entry
    • 96 hours single entry
    • 90 days job-seeker
    • 5 years multiple-entry

    Note: All the visa are going to be valid for 60 days from the date of travel.

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    Laos Facts and Figures

    Name : Lao People's Democratic Republic
    Location : Vietnam to the east,
    Capital : Vientiane
    Major cities : Vientiane.Pakse.Luang Prabang. Savannakhet.
    Language : Lao
    Area :236,800 km²
    Population : 73.8 lakhs (2021)
    National day : December 2nd
    Currency : Laotian Kip equals