The Kingdom of Lesotho is a small country in South Africa that is known for its tall mountain peaks and beautiful views. Lesotho has something for every traveller, whether you want to do things outside, check out historical sites, or get as far away from civilization as you can. Lesotho has everything you could want for water sports, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and more. If you want to get better at skiing or snowboarding, Lesotho is the place to go. It has one of the only two ski resorts in Southern Africa. Afriski Mountain Resort is in the Northern Highlands. It has something for every kind of snow bunny, and if that's not your thing, you can still go there to look at the scenery.
Tourists come from around the world to see the city's attractions, but people from outside Lesotho need a visa to get into the country and see everything it offers. So, you'll need a visa to go to Lesotho. We Visit visa is the best and biggest visa service in the business. If you need a Lesotho visa quickly, there is no better place to go. We've already given out more than 100,000 visas in a single month. We charge a small fee to process visas; if your application is turned down, you will get your money back in full. Compared to other businesses, our refund policy is very generous.

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Types Of Lesotho Visa

  • This is one of the visas that almost all foreign visitors to Lesotho must get. People on the list of people who don't need a visa to enter Lesotho not, however, need this visa. The foreigner can stay in the country for a short time with this visa, so they can go there as tourists. It's also important to know that foreigners who get this visa can only travel for pleasure. If you try to get this visa for any other reason, you won't get it. When you go to Lesotho on a tourist visa, one of the most important things to remember is that you are not allowed to do any kind of paid business. You can also get in trouble if you try to work or look for work in Lesotho while you have this visa. There are other types of Lesotho visas besides the tourist visa that you can get for other
  • This visa is for people who are looking for work in Lesotho. People who will be working in Lesotho will be able to stay there for a long time with this visa. Before they can apply for this visa, though, people who want to get it will need to move to Lesotho and get a permanent address there. Since this is a long-term visa, they will need it if they want to live in Lesotho. A work permit is the only thing beyond the basic requirements that is needed for this visa. This is the last of the different types of Lesotho visas. Now all you have to do is pick one and apply for it. It is also a good idea to look at the Lesotho visa policy to find out more about visas!
  • This student visa is given to all students from international schools who want to get an education in Lesotho. The students can stay in Lesotho for as long as they want with this visa. But in this case, they need to give out a letter that is sent by the school or university in Lesotho. The letter must also say how long the student will be in Lesotho. Without this letter, you won't be able to get a visa. If the student doesn't have this document, he or she can get it when they get to Lesotho. But to get to Lesotho, they should first get a tourist visa and then, as soon as they get the letter, apply for a student visa. Once you get back into the country on the student visa, this student visa will be turned on.
  • This visa is given to foreigners who want to expand their businesses around the world. This visa is also given to people who want to go on their own or who have been sent by a company for business reasons. This visa, on the other hand, only lets you stay in the country for a certain amount of time. You need to do everything you need to do for your business work during this time. This visa only lets you stay for 90 days. If you need to stay longer, you will have to apply for a one-year visa. To get this, you will also need to register with the immigration office. If you don't do this, you won't be able to get a one-year visa. The government also lets people apply for a visa to Lesotho online.

UAE Visa Rules and Conditions

  • Visa fees must be paid after the application has been sent in.
  • Customers must wait for their visas to be processed for two to three business days.
  • The above visas will only be good until the last date, depending on your choice.
  • All passengers who are traveling to Lesotho must have their covid negative report with PCR report mentioned time when sample was taken
  • All Lesotho passengers can extend their stay for 30 - 60 days after paying the extra fees .
  • In case you are suffering from any medical issue you should keep a copy of the medical prescription from your doctor for traveling because at the airport if it is found that you are undergoing some serious health issue, you would be directly admitted to the hospital without your concern from the staffing department.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your application could be delayed or turned down if you don't send the right documents or if the documents you do send aren't scanned well. It can also happen when a case has been opened but no answer has been given yet. The applicants get an email letter that tells them about the problem and what paperwork is needed to process their application. If a visa isn't given, you'll have to pay again to apply for a new one.

Yes, you can copy and paste your information from a programme like Microsoft Word and put it in the online form's text field. But if you want to save a copy of your application, your personal information will not be sent over so that you can see it. After each applicant has locked in their profile, they can only see the full application.

If you want to change any of the information on your visa application, you will need to call the help desk to make sure that your application was updated before you sent it in for approval.

First, you'll need to log in to your profile, where you can delete or add documents to your visa application before sending it. But if you want to change something after you've sent in your application, you'll need to call the help desk and make sure that the information has been updated before the application is finished.


Things to be Done in Lesotho

  • Ensure you don't bring any items that aren't allowed or can't get through customs, like metal objects, sharp objects, etc.
  • Follow and read all of the Lesotho government's rules and regulations.
  • Please keep all the emergency numbers in mind or write them down in case you need them..
  • Prepare all your travel documents so you can have new copies made at the immigration desk when you arrive.
  • Keep your passport or copy when you go to different places in Lesotho.

Apply Lesotho Visa Online

Applying for a Lesotho Visa The next step is to apply for a Lesotho visa online. You can only apply for a Lesotho visa online by visiting To get a Lesotho visa, you must follow a few steps and processes and follow the right instructions. Users should read the information carefully if they have trouble clicking the "Apply" button. Once they understand each information and section, they can fill out the form. If you make a mistake in any of these steps, you won't be able to get your visa. In this case, the other end might turn your visa down. So the user should be very careful when applying for a Lesotho visa.

Types of Lesotho E-Visa

  • 14 days single or multiple-entry
  • 30 days single or multiple-entry
  • 60 days single or multiple-entry
  • 90 days single or multiple-entry
  • 96 hours single entry
  • 90 days job-seeker
  • 5 years multiple-entry

Note: All the visa are going to be valid for 60 days from the date of travel.

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Lesotho Facts and Figures

Name : land of the Sotho.
Capital : Maseru
Major cities : Lesotho,Teyateyaneng,Mafeteng,Hlotse.
Language : Sesotho, English.
Area : 30,355 sq km (11,720 sq miles)
Population : 2.2 million.
National day :October 4th
Currency : Lesotho
International Airports : Mokhotlong,Maseru,Nkaus.