Document Required for Maldives Visa

You'll need to provide these items together with your application for a Mauritania visa:

  • A passport is valid for six months after your anticipated return date. It is required that at least two pages be blank in the passport.
  • Photograph according to the specifications for the Mauritania visa.
  • Application for a visa to enter Mauritania duly filled out and signed.
  • Proof that you paid the visa application cost.
  • A hotel reservation, a lease, or an invitation letter are documents that prove you have somewhere to stay.
  • Formal invitation letter. Someone you know in Mauritania may write you an invitation letter.
  • A record of criminal activity that the authorities have officially recognized in your own country.
  • Medical coverage that is valid in Mauritania.
  • This must be a bank statement proving that you have sufficient funds to support yourself in Mauritania.
  • Evidence of paternity; the birth certificate (if applicable).
  • Official proof of marriage (if applicable).