New Zealand Work Visa

If you want to work in New Zealand, you must apply for a work visa. However, in most cases, your application will not be approved unless you have a job offer.

Documents required before you apply for New Zealand Work Visa are listed below

  • The most crucial prerequisite for a New Zealand visa is the submission of a visa application. You have the option of submitting your visa application online, obtaining a printed copy of the Form INZ 1017, and completing it digitally or with a blue/black pen. Keep in mind that the supporting documents you submit with your application can be used to verify the facts you supply in the visa application. Therefore, be careful to fill out the application form completely honestly and with the truth.
  • Two passport-sized, in-color photos are required to be sent with the application. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has updated its photo requirements with harsher rules. Make sure your photo is taken by a qualified professional who has experience taking passport-sized photos. The photo file size for online applications should be between 500 KB and 3 MB. The additional photo requirements are:
  • The photograph must be recent and be 35 x 45 mm in size.
  • The image must be unaltered and original.
  • It must be photographed in front of a simple, light background.
  • Your face should be distinct and sharp.
  • Maintain a neutral expression.
  • At least 70–80% of the picture should be of your face.
  • One of the most essential travel papers and a must for obtaining a New Zealand visa is the passport. Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the anticipated date of your return from New Zealand. When applying for a visa, you must submit your passport, which you may then pick up after the application is complete.
  • When visiting New Zealand, you should give the immigration officer a guarantee of your return to show that you have intentions to leave the country once your visit's objectives are fulfilled. We advise making a flight reservation for your visa application rather than buying a ticket if you're unsure of your return dates or if you'll probably need to prepone or postpone your travel. When you modify your return dates, changing your flight schedule not only saves you a tonne of money but also eliminates the possibility of losing money if your visa application is rejected for whatever reason.
  • The phrase "evidence of means of subsistence" simply indicates that you have enough money to cover all of your travel expenses. This is a crucial need for New Zealand visas because it assures the embassy that you won't want any more financial help. Your stay in New Zealand must cost at least NZD1000 per month. You require $400 NZD each month if your hotel accommodations have already been reserved. Additionally, you must complete a Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry if a New Zealand sponsor has committed to take care of your financial needs (Form – INZ 1025).
  • A chest X-ray certificate or a medical certificate is a prerequisite for applying for a New Zealand visa in that country. This is evidence that you are fit enough to travel.
  • The first step in applying for a work visa is to locate employment in New Zealand. If you've already accepted a position, you may submit your employment contract, your letter of acceptance, and an invitation letter from the New Zealand-based employer.

Eligibility New Zealand Work Visa:

Before filing for a visa, the permit eligibility criteria must be met. If you do not, your application may be rejected. Some of the critical parameters are as follows:

  • You must have evidence of a confirmed visit. Round-trip reservations must be made in advance.You must visit only for tourism purposes and not seek or accept employment.
  • You must meet the necessary health standards. You must be in good health to travel to New Zealand.Before entering the country, you must undergo a medical examination and produce the required documentation.You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a work permit.
  • You must be of good character; if you have a history of criminal convictions, you may be denied the visa.You were deported or barred from entering another nation.You have been determined to be a threat or risk to the country.
  • You must have enough money.You must have or have access to adequate finances to support your stay in New Zealand and associated expenses. A bank statement or equivalent document, as well as evidence of the same, must be submitted.