Eligibility For Norfolk Island visa

  • You need a valid passport, bank statements from the last six months, and at least two still-good photos. All of these things should be looked at. The system that deals with visas should be the only one that can scan the documents. If any documents are missing, the user should have them checked. After the documents have been checked, they are given a special stamp to show that the scanning process is finished.
  • If you’re going with someone else, you should also have a ticket to get back home. The dates on your visas and your return tickets should match. You won’t be able to apply if they come back after your visa has ended. Then, if you want to change your visa, you have to pay extra fees that depend on where you live and what kind of visa you have.
  • People with any health problem should get a note from their doctor saying they can travel between their medications. It is very important to follow the rules about who can travel, especially if you are sick or have been told not to travel. If they need to travel this way because of an emergency, they should get a note from their doctor.