Saudi Arabia Visa Price

830 SAR for 30 Days of Travelers' E-Saudi Arabia Tourism + Insurance- One will receive a fast visa with this option, along with insurance against a negative Covid report, allowing them to travel and enjoy Saudi Arabia for up to 30 days. Their visa will expire after 30 days when they must apply for a new one or explore alternative immigration options. Single entry holders are eligible for this temporary visa. The cost of this expedited visa is 630 SAR.

60 Days Tourist E-Saudi Arabia Tourism + Insurance (Covid) - 1640 SAR- For a cost of 1640 SAR, one can enjoy rapid e-visa delivery and numerous other privileges for up to 60 days in Saudi Arabia. This category enables visitors to travel to Saudi Arabia for nearly 60 days with a single entry choice, including covid insurance services

E-Saudi Arabia Tourism + Insurance for 30 Days with Multiple Entrances (Covid) - 1820 SAR - The information provided is intended for travellers who plan to visit Saudi Arabia frequently. You can take advantage of this offer by visiting Saudi Arabia more than once within 30 days for just 1820 SAR.

60 Days Job Seeker E-Saudi Arabia Tourism + Insurance- People who are visiting Saudi Arabia for work or want to find a job in Saudi Arabia to settle down and make money fall under the 60 Days Job Seeker E-Saudi Arabia Tourism + Insurance (Covid) category.

With this option, they will be given a window of 60 days during which they can look for employment, with a maximum of about two months, and in between those 60 days, they can travel to a variety of locations with this visa, which has features like covid insurance, express e-visa delivery, and additional services. About 2200 SAR are spent on everything.