Saudi Arabia Visa Extention

How to Apply for a Visa Extension to Enter Saudi Arabia?

Step 1: You'll need a letter from your sponsoring organisation requesting an extension of your single/multiple re-entry visa from the Saudi Embassy, duly signed and stamped. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify this letter before it can be used (MOFA).

Step 2: Gather all the necessary documentation by downloading the Saudi Able Link Application bundle. Before starting the application process, please send scanned copies of all your documents to the consultants for a free pre-check to make sure everything is in order.

Step 3: Third, once everything is in order, submit everything to the consultant and they will send all of your documents to Saudi Arabia embassy.

Step 4: They'll package up your application and send it off to the Saudi Embassy with the proper paperwork. Their agents will promptly inform you once your visa has been processed. They will get your passport from the Embassy. Your original passport (stamped with your new visa) will be forwarded to you by expedited, next-day delivery. As soon as the package is picked up by the courier, you will be given the tracking number.

Documents Requirements to Extend a Saudi Arabian Visa

This Saudi visa extension application is for those who already hold a valid Saudi work visa or resident permit and wish to extend their current departure visa. You'll need the following materials to complete your application:

Passport: The candidate must produce their original passport. The passport's expiration date must be at least six months after the intended period of stay, and it must have at least two blank visa pages. The passport must be in scannable condition.

Two photos in passport size: Color images taken against a white background that clearly display the applicant's entire face and no glasses are required. Also, no hats or other head coverings are allowed unless used for religious grounds. The images should be sharp and printed on good quality photo paper. The item is 35mm x 45mm in size. The photo must have been shot no longer than three months prior to the application's submission. Because glues and staples are not allowed on the application, the photos can't be attached to it.

An Introductory Letter: A letter of introduction from a sponsor in Saudi Arabia, addressed to the Consular Section, is required of all applicants. Explanations for the extension need to be included in the letter. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must attest the letter (MOFA).

Proof of Acceptance: To see if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted an extension, applicants must log in to their Absher profiles. The copy of the approval for extension has to be provided, along with the application, to the Saudi Embassy.

Photocopy of the supporting documents Photocopies of the following documents need to be submitted with the application: Documentation proving legal residency in Saudi Arabia Valid, previously issued Exit/Re-entry visa that has expired no more than one month prior to the application date

Form to Request an E-Number: To apply for an E-Number, you need to send just one form, completed and signed in original form. It needs to be printed out on individual sheets of A4 paper, with the backs left blank.

Visa Request Form

Fully completed visa application form has to be submitted, according to the following guidelines:

  • Only black ink should be used to fill out the form.
  • Use block letters for all information.
  • No one but the applicant should fill out the form.
  • It is not permitted to make any corrections or alterations to the handwriting.

Submission of a form that has been fully completed is required.

Checking the visa's terms and conditions before leaving is a good idea for anyone planning to enter the KSA via the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway. After submitting a visa application to the Embassy, neither the processing time nor the passport can be changed. Submitting a written request to Saudi Able Link, addressed to the Saudi Embassy, will result in the passport being returned by the Saudi Embassy in the event of an emergency. Within 48 hours, they will receive the passport back.

If this happens, your application will be immediately cancelled. If the application is to be restarted, a new form, along with supporting materials and payment, must be submitted. Only one valid visa can be held at a time by an applicant. If you need to cancel your valid visa, you must submit a formal request to the Embassy.