Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. Not a copy, but the original passport itself, must be sent. Your passport is stamped with the Sierra Leone visa, which turns into one of the pages. Your original passport is required to process your visa request. Because your passport is so important, we urge you to email your application in a safe manner.

If you intend to visit Sierra Leone for either business or pleasure, you must get a visa. Additionally, a passport with a blank page for an entrance stamp and a validity of six months is needed. You must provide both your international certificate of vaccination (sometimes known as a "yellow card") and proof of yellow fever immunisation when you arrive at the airport.

All visitors to Sierra Leone must have documentation of their yellow fever vaccine. At this time, no more vaccinations are necessary. However, some vaccinations are advised. Depending on your schedule, immunisation against hepatitis A, typhoid, and rabies may be advised. Your itinerary and immunisation history may influence the recommendation for routine immunisations.

The earliest time to apply for a visa to Sierra Leone is two months before the intended departure date. It is advised that all visa applications be filed ten days before departure in order to enable enough time for visa processing.

Applying for a visa to Sierra Leone online with us is a simple and painless process: Depending on your intended mode of travel, select your preferred form of Sierra Leone visa. Paying online Send us your papers using our pick-up and drop-off service. Upon approval, receive your visa.

Yes. Prior to visiting the Republic of Sierra Leone, Indian nationals must get a visa. There isn't a Sierra Leonean embassy in India. Therefore, all candidates coming to this nation must submit a visa application at the Sierra Leone Embassy in China.